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Dr Schöning arrested for talking to people about Covid in London and Canada Protests


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Arrested for talking to people at Speakers Corner in London Sept 26, 2020

He came all the way from Germany to join the protesters. 

The police took his property and never returned it. 

Nice welcome to the UK. 

Everyone else was nice to him except the police. 

He did not commit any crime.


He is home and safe 

Dr Heiko Schöning Interview in London English mit Deutschem UT 26 09 2020 



The website English



 Piers Corbyn London UK Trafalgar Square Unite for Freedom Rally Protest Sept 26, 2020 



Police Storm And Silence Speakers. 

 Now this is a problem. Talk about a conflict of interest.

LONDON, England, September 24, 2020  In a potential conflict of interest, the Chief Scientific Adviser to the government of the United Kingdom has an interest worth £600,000 ($765,000) in a pharmaceutical giant contracted by the government to produce a coronavirus vaccine.

“Sir Patrick Vallance, who also chairs the Government’s expert advisory panel on vaccines, holds a deferred bonus of 43,111 shares in GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) worth £600,000 from his time as president of the multinational drug company,



Toronto Ontario in Canada also had a gathering on September 26, 2020 9-26-20 Toronto Canada Dundas Square March for Freedom Rally Protest Lockdowns Covid-19 Coronavirus 


Anti lockdown protest Toronto Canada September 26th, 2020 


Vancomver Canada 9-13-20 Vancover Canada Freedom Rally Protest Covid-19 Coronavirus Lockdowns Quarantines Pandemic 


Recent posts 


Masks are just not a good thing They can make you sick


If . you are viewing this in Brave browser some of the video will no seem to work. 

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 I am not sure how many other browsers are messing up if one is leave message in the comments.

Deaths and Injuries due to Vaccines 

 Update July 21, 2021

 As a dozen U.S. states are poised to continue mandatory mask mandates in schools, a new clinical trial in Germany on the effects of masks on children once again concluded the carbon dioxide levels children endure while wearing masks is off the charts.


Direct Link 


Update June 21, 2021


Direct Link 
 University of Florida Lab Finds Dangerous Pathogens on Children’s Face Masks

 Update May 4, 2021 ⁣ 

The Science 

• Oral microbiome (mouth bacteria) critical to overall health • Child’s oral microbiome development predictor of future health • Systems biology reveals masks disrupt oral microbiome • Dentists report increasing oral health issues Public Health Implications • Need for risk assessment of masks to oral health • Provision for coverage of emerging dental health issues • Tax credits for parents choosing home school option • Education and investment in scientific research of mask use This video below provides you original scientific research on a systems based approach to oral health, the oral microbiome, and how mask wearing affects the micro environment around the mouth to disturb the oral microbiome. 



Lots of studies on Masks. One can never have to many studies.


Studies on Masks.

You might have to download it, then read it. Having a copy of it is a good thing anyway.

Update April 30, 2021 


German Police Ransack the Home of Judge After He Agrees with Evidence In Court that Children Are “Endangered in Their Mental, Physical and Spiritual Well-being by the Obligation to Wear Face Masks”

By Joe Hoft
Published April 27, 2021

Masks are toxic. He talks about plastic and the chemical used to sterilize the masks. 

They use the same chemical to sterilize the swabs used for testing.

Update April 24, 2021 

She talks a lot about Masks and their real purpose.  She talks about HQ and Ivermectin to treat viruses.  She also talks about vaccines. 

Dr. Lee Merritt, an Orthopedic Surgeon in Onawa, Iowa, is interviewed by Jeff Dornik and delivers an amazingly comprehensive overview of the motives behind the Covid-pandemic theater. First, she shows that there is no real pandemic and that the public-health practices being mandated are scientifically absurd. Then she reasons that, if obscene profits were the only motive for this crime, it would not be necessary to put so many exotic and toxic components into the vaccines. 

Great interview with her.  Give it a listen. She is right on the mark. 


If the video does not want to play, you can also watch it at the link below. 


Update April 19, 2021 

Facemasks in the COVID-19 era: A health hypothesis

 From Stanford University

A couple of Quotes 

 Therefore, it has been hypothesized: 1) the practice of wearing facemasks has compromised safety and efficacy profile, 2) Both medical and non-medical facemasks are ineffective to reduce human-to-human transmission and infectivity of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19, 3) Wearing facemasks has adverse physiological and psychological effects, 4) Long-term consequences of wearing facemasks on health are detrimental

 Long-term consequences of wearing facemask can cause health deterioration, developing and progression of chronic diseases and premature death.

The bottom line is masks are dangerous. 


Then there may even one more problem with masks. 

I have seen about 30 or more videos with the worm things in them.  Masks need to be checked out in labs all over the world. We need to know what these things are.  Whatever they are people are breathing them in to their lungs and up their noses, maybe even getting into the brain. All I know is I am grossed out by this.

The Mask Worms are REAL 

Here is a compilation of different videos of the worm things. 

 Moving Black Strings On Masks & Swabs 



 Update April 10, 2021

Drug companies will love this. Just imagine all the money they make on people, who got or get sick from wearing these toxic rags.

Nanofibers could cause mesothelioma; Researchers 


CANCER CONCERN FOR MASKERS Put aside the obvious concerns mask wearers face: reduced oxygen levels, anxiety disorders, and scientific lack of efficacy. Since 2012, research has shown that inhaling nanofibers can pose a serious risk to inflammation in the lungs, even mesothelioma (cancer) due to its similar shape to asbestos. Jefferey Jaxen highlights a recent study showing the potential threat to inhaling nano plastics shed from masks. 

Direct Link 


 Update April 7, 2021

Drug companies will love this. Just imagine all the money they make on people, who got or get sick from wearing these toxic rags.

Scientists Find Evidence Carcinogens and Other Toxic Chemicals in Face Masks The majority of Masks come from China. Many companies buy them, repackage them and then sell them.  The majority of people have no idea, where they are actually made. Every time I find a new report, I just get more angry. You should too. All these masks are sold all over the world. No one is safe anywhere.



These children are suffering from wearing masks. Many have the same symptoms caused by the toxic garbage in them.  The mental anguish has also been predicted by doctors around the world. 

Ask your children how they feel about masks. Listen to the children. They have the right to breath. Time for the insanity to be stopped. The children are crying out for help.

Voices of Irelands Teens on Masks in School  


 Update April 1, 2021

Disposable Blue Face Masks Found to Contain Toxic, Asbestos-Like Substance that Destroys Lungs 

 Health Canada has issued a warning about blue and gray disposable face masks, which contain an asbestos-like substance associated with “early pulmonary toxicity.”

Update March 30, 2021

In Canada -Multi Millions of Toxic Masks Recalled- Pulmonary Toxicity, Masking is in and of itself, Toxic


 This is what the toxic masks look like. They come from China.

  Montreal transit workers are the latest to learn they've been wearing -- for at least six months -- some of the millions of masks distributed in Quebec that have now been identified as potentially toxic.


Canada recalled a lot of masks before.  Just under the Jan 7 update, you will find that one.  

If someone says I wear a cloth mask I have no problem. Ask them if they ever looked at their lint screen in a washer and dryer!!! Well if they haven't, they should, as the lint on those screens, is what you breath in every time you wear a mask.  Just an observation. Lint is not good for your lungs either.

PCR Swab sterilized with Cancer causing agent

Update March 28, 2021

Study: Chemical That Decreases Fertility and Causes Penises to Shrink, Found in Face Masks 

 A study listed in the National Center for Biotechnology Information, which operates under the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health, found that the microplastics used in the manufacturing of Covid face masks contain a number of toxic chemicals, including the penis-shrinking phthalates.


This is a must read. It messes with babies.


 Read this then go to the next link below. The woman is suffering from Oxygen Deprivations and doesn't even notice she has a problem.

Signs of Poor Oxygen Supply

If you experience a poor supply of oxygen to your body--a medical condition referred to as hypoxia--you may develop lasting damage to the tissues of your body or brain. Poor oxygen supply is of crucial concern to pilots, hikers and other people who are frequently exposed to high altitudes. Smoking, coffee, alcohol and certain medication may influence how your body responds to a poor supply of oxygen.

Cognitive Symptoms

Individuals who have a poor supply of oxygen to their body many develop a number of symptoms that affect cognitive function. According to the Alaska Air Medical Escort Training Manual, individuals who are exposed to prolonged periods of low oxygen may exhibit poor coordination or judgment or may have difficulty completing simple tasks. Certain people who have a poor supply of oxygen to the body may experience a euphoric sensation, while other may appear agitated or aggressive. Visual symptoms, including diminished vision or tunnel vision, may occur if your body has a low supply of oxygen. If you develop any of these cognitive symptoms while in areas of low oxygen, seek emergency medical care.


Respiratory Symptoms

According to the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, individuals who do not have access to enough oxygen may exhibit a number of symptoms related to respiratory function. Certain people may find that their breathing rate increases. This condition may cause some people to experience shortness of breath or air hunger, according to the Alaska Medical Escort Training Manual. Such respiratory symptoms may also lead to additional problems, including headache, drowsiness, lightheadedness, dizziness or fainting. In extreme cases, people may lose consciousness, convulse and stop breathing. Such severe symptoms may lead to death in certain cases. If you develop any of these respiratory symptoms during exposure to low levels of oxygen, seek immediate medical care.

Skin or Limb Symptoms

If you have poor oxygen supply to your body, you may develop a number of symptoms that affect your limbs or skin. Cyanosis--a medical condition in which the skin turns a bluish color--may develop in certain people due to decreased oxygen levels in the blood. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration notes that you may develop a tingling or warming sensation throughout your body. You may also experience numbness or hot or cold flashes if you have a low supply of oxygen to your body. If you exhibit any of these skin or limb symptoms while in areas of low oxygen, it is important that you seek emergency medical care as soon as possible.


VIDEO: School Board Member Arguing For Mandatory Masks Nearly Passes Out While Wearing Mask

There are two video of this a short one then the longer one. She s gasping for air. 

She has the signs of oxygen deprivation. That is all to obvious. Right down to being aggressive.




Dr. Lee Merritt: The Truth is Coming Out




 Direct Link  

 Update March 16, 2021

Nurse Sarah Talks About The Trauma
Masks Are Causing To Children 


Take The Stupid Mask off & Take Your Freedom Back 


65-Year Old Texas Woman Tackled, Arrested for Refusing to Wear Mask a Day After Governor Lifted Mandate

This is the poor woman he was talking about, who ended up with three broken bones in her foot.  There are the two videos. During and after.  If you go to the youtube site many of the comments are nasty. The woman was not breaking any laws.

Are Face Masks Effective? The Evidence

An overview of the current evidence regarding the effectiveness of face masks.

Lots of studies. 

Update March 12, 2021

CDC Report Admits Mask-Wearing Provides No Real Protection Against Covid




A number of studies.

Update March 8, 2021

 It's long been assumed that your lungs are a sterile environment, but it's recently been discovered that microbes from your mouth frequently enter your lungs. This alteration in your lung microbiome has now been linked to advanced-stage lung cancer,[i] raising questions about long-term mask usage and the risk of chronic diseases like cancer.

Research: Mask Mouth Causes Gum Disease, Which Increases Coronavirus Death Risk by 900%

Update February 9, 2021

Firefighter shows Oxygen levels wearing various masks, VIOLATES OSHA

Lack of oxygen kills brains cells. Once they die, they are gone forever.  

Forcing children to wear masks IS child abuse so stand up for what is right!!!

Required Oxygen levels (as per OSHA) are not achieved using any of the masks on the market Jeff Neff.


Update February 14, 2021

Loads of information on masks. 

Message to BC Educators from a Concerned Parent

Update February 2, 2021

Study: Long-Term Mask Use May Contribute to Advanced Stage Lung Cancer 

 A recent study in the journal Cancer Discovery found that inhalation of harmful microbes can contribute to advanced stage lung cancer in adults. Long-term use of face masks may help breed these dangerous pathogens.


While analyzing lung microbes of 83 untreated adults with lung cancer, the research team discovered that colonies of Veillonella, Prevotella, and Streptococcus bacteria, which may be cultivated through prolonged mask wearing, are all found in larger quantities in patients with advanced stage lung cancer than in earlier stages.

The presence of these bacterial cultures is also associated with a lower chance of survival and increased tumor growth regardless of the stage.

 Update January 7, 2021

Mask Harms in Kids: 68% of Parents Report Alarming Psychological and Physical Problems In First-of-its-kind Study

4-Year-Old Almost Dies due to Lung Infection Caused by Prolonged Mask Wearing – Doctor Rants “How Many Children Must Die?”

 Hundreds of masks have been recalled in Canada

⁣When shopping in any country. 

Look for risk warnings on masks and where they come from. Look to see if there are any instructions as to how to use them.  How long they can be worn.

The ones I looked at had none of the above. 

Mask recalls there are tons of them in Canada.  ⁣  

Mask recalls

US doctors speak out against Covid and Masks 


 About children

 Dr. Margarite Griesz-Brisson MD, PhD is a Consultant Neurologist and Neurophysiologist with a PhD in Pharmacology, with special interest in neurotoxicology, environmental medicine, neuroregeneration and neuroplasticity. This is what she has to say about facemasks and their effects on our brains:One is they kill your brain cells. Once a brain cell dies it never grows back.

 Update November 8, 2020 


Masks: The Science & Myths. BANNED FROM YOUTUBE. Seems wearing a mask makes it more likely, you will get the virus.

Update November 4, 2020


That Mask Is Giving You Lung Cancer

This is a must read. 

 Update October 13, 2020

Could Cloth Masks be Bad for Our Health? – Respiratory Disease Caused by Synthetic Fibres

 One more study to check out.


Roger W. Koops Ph.D.

  October 16, 2020


Mask Mouth: A common dental problem that people are reporting due to prolonged use of face mask

Sep 30, 2020,

Really bad for your teeth

Toronto Children’s Hospital Recommends Back to School without Masks or Social Distancing. Detailed Report


 Masks are just not a good thing

Lots of studies at this link


Update October 6, 2020 

Medical Doctor Warns that “Bacterial Pneumonias Are on the Rise” from Mask Wearing

 Certainly not surprised by any of, what is written in this report.

Patrick Wood and Citizens for Free Speech present Dr. Russell Blaylock, MD and board certified neurosurgeon

About masks and a few other important things.



Wearing a mask can cause Pneumonia

.Maybe that is why health care workers got so sick.

Pneumonia is an infection that inflames the air sacs in one or both lungs. The air sacs may fill with fluid or pus (purulent material), causing cough with phlegm or pus, fever, chills, and difficulty breathing. A variety of organisms, including bacteria, viruses and fungi, can cause pneumonia.


Masks Don't Work: A review of science relevant to COVID-19 social policy



A review of science relevant to COVID-19 social policy



Denis G. Rancourt, PhD

Researcher, Ontario Civil Liberties Association (

Dr Merritt speaks on masks, detrimental outcomes of lockdowns, and the psychological impact on children from COVID.



Dr. Lee Merritt, MD

MASKS MAKE PEOPLE STUPIDER They can also promote aggressive behavior.

I found a nice little article that’s quite serious about it’s title– that wearing a mask induces stupidity. I would add that the longer people are wearing masks, the worse the effect is. It’s cumulative.This is not what you might expect from the title. It does have a lot of logic to it.


Face Masks Pose Serious Risks to the Healthy

 “By wearing a mask, the exhaled viruses will not be able to escape and will concentrate in the nasal passages, enter the olfactory nerves and travel into the brain.” — Russell Blaylock, MD

Your Mask May Be Causing Candida Growth in Your Mouth

 As if “maskne” weren't bad enough, there’s another skin problem to worry about during the COVID-19 pandemic: candida overgrowth. It’s basically a yeast infection around your mouth.,Chen.%20Mask%20wearing%20is%20one%20risk%2C%20but%20


“Mask Mouth” – Dentists Warn Gum Disease and Tooth Decay Have Increased 50% Since Mask Mandates Began



The Mask and the Bump. Will they affect baby?


Oklahoma Doctors Claim Masks are Harmful to Healthy People and File Lawsuit Against Mandates 

A Quote from the story

After conducting a review on the effectiveness of surgical masks, the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH) concluded that “no evidence was found to support the use of surgical face masks to reduce the frequency of surgical site infections” and “no evidence was found on the effectiveness of wearing surgical face masks to protect staff from infectious material in the operating room.”


Government trained OSHA mask experts Tammy Clark & Kristen Meghan join Del in-studio to break down vital info on masks, PPE, and their role in #Covid19 prevention. Every adult on this planet wearing a mask needs to hear this riveting discussion.


The Evidence Continues to Speak: It Is Scientifically Impossible for Masks to Work

 Doctor says face mask is "basically a giant Petri dish you have strapped to your face"

Dr. David Lang, M.D., of Wisconsin explains: "Walking around with an ill fitted cloth mask is merely a reservoir for moisture and other disease causing bacteria. It most certainly will not stop any virus. Plus, every time you touch the mask and your face with your unwashed hands you are merely seeding your mask with any bacteria you picked up. It is basically a giant Petri dish you have strapped to your face."

 More from the site above about masks including videos with Doctors, Loads of information


A group is suing Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum and Tulsa Health Department Executive Director Bruce Dart, saying the city’s mask mandate is harmful to healthy people, reports Activist Post.

COVID-19 Masks Causing Rise in Bacterial Pneumonia

The group includes business owners and two doctors who “are asking the city to immediately repeal the mask mandate which was passed by city council last month.”

 From August 2020

In the UK Car insurance horror: Wearing a face mask while driving can see policies invalidated

CAR INSURANCE policies can be invalidated and motorists fined up to £1,000 for simply wearing a face mask while driving a vehicle.


From April 2020


CDC: Drivers Should Not Wear Masks While Driving

A driver was reportedly driving in Lincoln Park when he/she crashed the red vehicle head-on into a pole. The Lincoln Park Police Department (LPPD) responded and later reported on Facebook that the crash was believed “to have resulted from the driver wearing an N95 mask for several hours and subsequently passing out behind the wheel due to insufficient oxygen intake/excessive carbon dioxide intake.”

 ” The California Department of Public Health wrote in a statement that wearing a mask “may actually be harmful to some people with heart or lung disease because it can make the lungs work harder to breathe.” Later, the department noted, in regards to N95 masks, “Children should not wear these masks—they do not fit properly and can impede breathing.”

Sacramento County Department of Health Services also states, “N95 respirator can make it more difficult for the wearer to breathe due to carbon dioxide buildup, which reduces the intake of oxygen, increased breathing rates, and heart rates.”

 Updated a lot--The Dangers of Covid vaccines are growing. Many have died.

Covid Lawsuits against Governments



Friday, September 25, 2020

Open letter from medical doctors and health professionals to all Belgian authorities and all Belgian media.


Saturday, October 24, 2020

Some Videos are Messed up in some Browsers.Not sure how many

This is so interesting for sure. 

Open letter from medical doctors and health professionals to all Belgian authorities and all Belgian media.

This is a great read for sure.  Do take the time to check it out.


Some updates have been added to this post. Do check them out, you might even get some good ideas. I highly recommend becoming a bit of a writer.

Doctors Speaking out Against Covid Measures Taken

 This also covers a lot about the PCR testing

There are also and update added to that post as well.  
 Dr. Reiner Fullmich, who (with a team of international lawyers) is suing the makers of the PCR test, on the basis that they are "marketing a faulty product".

PCR Covid 19 Tests are Worthless

Here you can find out just how many problems vaccines come with. It covers a lot of territory. Of course testing of those vaccines is pathetic. They should all be reexamined as well.

 Read the Fine Print, Part Two—Nearly 400 Adverse Reactions Listed in Vaccine Package Inserts

I see nothing good about any of this.

About the New Vaccines for Covid





Thursday, September 24, 2020

Volunteers in Victoria turned away from helping to search for missing autistic boy, age 14







If you are viewing this in Brave browser some of the video will no seem to work. 

Try using another browser.  

Firefox works but you have to bring it up in a new window.

 I am not sure how many other browsers are messing up if one is leave message in the comments.

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says while some bans and restrictions do save people’s lives, others are pointless, damaging and insane after it was revealed volunteers were turned away by police from helping to search for a missing autistic boy. Mr Bolt spoke of the recent terrible tragedy involving autistic boy William Wall, who had been missing but was later found dead in Victoria on Wednesday. It was confirmed the 14 year-old's body was located in Yarra Junction after Willian had gone missing on Tuesday morning after having gone out for a run. His death is not being treated as suspicious and police will prepare a report for the Coroner. The search for Willam involved Police, SES, volunteers, and other support services. However, during the search for William an Eyewatch - Yarra Ranges Police Service Area post was issued saying "In line with coronavirus restrictions, at this stage we do not require any assistance from the public. "We want to say a big thank you, however for all the offers we have received," the post said. "I know, some bans, some restrictions, social distancing, they do save us," Mr Bolt said. "But you tell me how does a ban on volunteers in the bush, in the open air, looking for a lost boy helped anybody at all," he said. "This is an insane rule, this is a pointless rule, it is a damaging rule". 



Adding to that the virus BS is way over the top. How can you tell a parent a family member to not look for their missing relative or your own child? Odds of getting the virus outside is nil. 

Wake up world, your child could be next.  

How many other stories out there are like these. 

Covid is not killing children, the fools in Governments, world wide, making stupid laws, are killing them.


 This is another needless Death.

Covid death, but not from Covid

 This child died from Covid, but not the way you think. 

This is so sad.


UN Officials Cite Study that Finds Lockdowns, School Closures Killing More Children than COVID

If anyone has stories like there Please add them to the comment section. I know there are thousands of storied like this out there.  
Those stories need to be told. Odds of any main stream media reporting them, are slim to none. They just push the lies and the panic. 

Add to that, if the Autistic child had not had vaccines forced on him to start with he would not have been Autistic to start with. 
I in about 52 children in the US, get Autism from bad vaccines.  
That has been know for some time. 
Again a Government Laws causes many problems for our children, due to their foolishness. 
All that does is make drug companies richer. 
Vaccines all have side effects. Some children die from them. 
Wake up people. Stop believing all the garbage, you are being fed by Governments and the Main stream media.  

Dr Kaufman - Trafalgar Square September 19, 2020