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Canadian Dr. Francis Christian FIRED For Giving People All The Information About The Vax

 Well this is just wrong on every level 

 REC'D CALL:  Canadian Dr. Francis Christian FIRED For Giving People All The Information About The Vax

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  HEARTBREAKING: 13 Year Old Child Dies Within 3 Days Of His Vaccine With Heart Inflammation 

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BUSTED! NHS Vax Center Giving False Info, Filled With Disdain & Misconceptions/ Lies 

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INSISTENT: Government Vax Pushers Going Door to Door Berating People & Taking Notes On Resistance 

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Behind the Vaccine Veil: Doctor cites ‘whistleblowers’ inside CDC who claim injections have already killed 50,000 Americans

 There are a number of reports on that post. 

Like No Virus has ever been isolated

among other reports
A Complete Loss of Confidence in All World Governments
Deaths and Injuries due to Covid vaccines Page 2
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 Covid Lawsuits against Governments and Others

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Blackrock (WEF owned) is busy buying up single family neighborhoods Skyrocketing Home Prices



The Mother of Monopolies

 A documentary discussing the corporate oligopoly of the world and how they control everything within our civilizational sphere. Ultimately, these corporations are merely front-organizations of whom act as rackets, of a sort, and are the facade to the concentric, compartmentalized circles that exist within the inner sanctums of the "cult" or cabal.


Direct Link Let's start in Canada where a political opponent is arrested for speaking in front of less than a dozen people. We know why he was taken, Trudeau is owned and operated by the NWO. Meanwhile in the United States Blackrock (WEF owned) is busy buying up single family neighborhoods in preparation for agenda 2030 when we will own nothing and like it!

 United States Blackrock (WEF owned) is busy buying up single family neighborhoods

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Article Links:

 Here are another few articles worth checking into.


Shady People Own Big Pharma and the Media

Vanguard and BlackRock are the top two owners of Time Warner, Comcast, Disney and News Corp, four of the six media companies that control more than 90% of the U.S. media landscape

BlackRock and Vanguard form a secret monopoly that own just about everything else you can think of too. In all, they have ownership in 1,600 American firms, which in 2015 had combined revenues of $9.1 trillion. When you add in the third-largest global owner, State Street, their combined ownership encompasses nearly 90% of all S&P 500 firms

Who Owns Big Pharma + Big Media? You’ll Never Guess.

BlackRock and the Vanguard Group, the two largest asset management firms in the world, combined own The New York Times and other legacy media, along with Big Pharma.

They go through all of this detail by detail. There is a great video there as well about it all.

Finnish MP: How Many Must Die Before We Interrupt The Killing?

This is entire speech

Member of Parliament in Finland Warns Government that They are Guilty of Genocide for Misleading Public on COVID-19 Injections

"Global Time Bomb" First case of postmortem study of patient vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2; "viral RNA found in every organ of the body"

Unvaccinated students 'numbered' with Sharpie marker at New Hampshire prom

Thai Policmen Collapes After Vaccine

New Covid sensor can smell virus in crowded room

Vaccine Choice Canada
This resource page contains hundreds of research and reference links:


America’s Frontline Doctors, the courageous group of doctors who spoke out against the government’s irresponsible and damaging COVID responses, had their website taken down by Amazon.


These doctors are the smartest and most courageous doctors on the planet.  Please support them if you can.

Update: Americas Frontline Doctors Website, taken down around May 31st 2021, is back up.  For now.

If you didn’t know, many top websites and services, such as Netflix, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and thousands of others, are hosted on Amazon’s Internet servers.

Amazon’s motives are suspect, as they are closely aligned with the Biden Administration, due to massive government contracts. These contracts are worth billions, yet Amazon pays almost no corporate taxes.

 Amazon might want to be careful seems they too can be taken out. After taking down Parlour I have no sympathy for them and now the the Frontline Doctors. 

Shame on them. They need to stop taking down those telling the truth. That goes for Twitter, Facebook etc.

Huge internet outage hits major sites including Amazon, eBay, Twitter and

The UK Government, Amazon and Reddit were among those affected by the internet outage which was affecting websites around the world, giving "Error 503" or "connection failure" messages


A global internet outage hit websites for the UK Government, BBC, Amazon, Twitter, Reddit, Spotify and a number of leading media companies.

Websites for Boots, the National Lottery, PayPal eBay, Twitch, the Guardian, Financial Times, Independent and New York Times were among those down and giving error messages around 11am.

The UK Government website - - was also not working, giving the error message "Error 503 Service Unavailable", though most websites appeared to be back online by 11.45am.

Other websites affected included Shopify, Etsy, Imgur, the Evening Standard and French newspaper Le Monde.

The outage affected the use of emojis on Twitter.

The outage appears to have been sparked by an issue with a content delivery network (CDN), a system used to host websites and their content on the internet and serve it to users.

Service monitoring website Down Detector registered a spike in reports of outages of Amazon’s cloud computing platform Amazon Web Services.

As of 11am on Tuesday, the site recorded 1,700 reports.

Several punters said they were unable to add funds to their online National Lottery accounts, with one tweeting: "The page on your website and on the mobile App that allows you to add funds seems to have disappeared."

Alex Hern, the Guardian’s technology editor, tweeted that Fastly “has been identified as the cause of the problem

Which websites were affected?

These are just some of the major websites affected by outages on Tuesday:

  • UK Government
  • Amazon
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Spotify
  • PayPal
  • eBay
  • The National Lottery
  • Boots
  • Shopify
  • Twitch
  • Hulu
  • Pinterest
  • HBO Max
  • Kickstarter UK
  • Etsy

·       Squarespace

·       Tidal

·       Weightwatchers

  • Imgur
  • GitHub
  • Quora
  • Stackoverflow
  • Vimeo
  • Cloudflare
  • Amazon Web Services
  • BBC
  • The Guardian
  • Financial Times
  • The Independent
  • The New York Times
  • The Evening Standard
  • Le Monde
  • CNN


"Hackers" $11 Million In Bitcoin To Resolve "Ransomware" Attack


Energy chief cites risk of cyberattacks crippling power grid


 In October of 2019 The World Economic Forum (WEF) organized a simulation called “Event 201” to test what a global reaction to a global pandemic might look like just a few months before the exact same scenario played out in real life. Now, the WEF along with Russia’s Sberbank and its cybersecurity subsidiary BI.ZONE have announced that they will be running a new simulation called “Cyber Polygon” which simulates a supply-chain cyberattack similar to the recent SolarWinds hack that would “assess the cyber resilience” of the exercise’s participants. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with James Corbett of The Corbett Report about the upcoming Cyber Polygon simulated event, how society is being conditioned for a real cyber attack to come and most importantly what you can do about it NOW to protect yourself and your family from this coming cyber catastrophe!
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Meat Packing plant hacked.

 And the WEF, WHO etc think we should have everything online like out money etc.  No thanks. Online has never been a safe place for anything. Anything can be hacked into. Even the US treasury was hacked a while back. They can take their internet of things and shove it where the sun don't shine. Anything computer can be hacked or taken down very easily. A simple EMP can take out everything computer even all cars. If you own an old vehicle with no computer components hang onto it. You know the old standards, you can kick start.

 Medical Malpractice for sure. No excuse for this one.

A regional health authority in British Columbia has apologised after admitting twelve children were given the Moderna vaccine, which is yet to be given emergency approval for use in those under 18, as the child vaccination campaign kicked off.

Nuremberg 2.0 Trial Sept 01.21 On the Isle of Man

Posted on by ourgreaterdestiny

Research, an open mind, & unlearning led to Nuremberg 2.0

Served this day 1st June 2021 on John Quinn doing business as attorney general. Richard Gozney doing business as lieutenant governor (and replacement) and Stuart Quayle doing business as chief registrar.

No Virus
No government anywhere has purified an isolated characterised unique ‘virus’ called ‘SARS-CoV-2’ with the Isle of Man government department of health and social care confirming ‘no virus’ on 18th February 2021 in reply to Steven-William: Gardner in freedom of information request reference number 1646813.

Any claimed ‘virus’ is factually a computer generated ‘in silica’ model never found anywhere in men nor women as evidenced by Dr Stefan Lanka’s seven viral disproof’s video and 14 page evidence document.

No Test
With no ‘covid’ virus the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) ‘test’ is science fraud of arbitrary and recently reduced amplification cycles of ‘debris’ derived from live foetal calf serum grown on monkey kidney cells.

No Contagion

The Contagion Myth book by Dr. Thomas Cowan provides proper evidence for all willing to question prior presumptions and deal with identity shredding cognitive dissonance in welcoming open rational debates.

Claimed ‘covid’ deaths are co-morbidity driven with local hotspots of bodily outfections evidenced by the November 2019 Wuhan electromagnetic turn on, localised biofuel contaminants, also withdrawal of care, media fuelled suicides and substitution deaths but no overall mortality increase in official death statistics.

No Jurisdiction
Natural law / Universal law also known as Creator law applies without fear nor favour nor finance to protect unlienable freedoms from birth as no man nor woman can ever be a slave via the ‘birth’ certificate.

Traditional ‘courts’ fail to provide justice being as they are places of impure commerce enacted by private members of the BAR society wherein their ‘papers are actually the court’. Such administrative hearings and spellings only try fictitious ‘legal persons’. Only a paper ‘man’ or ‘woman’ is ever tried – via activities of hidden oath legalers whose commercial interests are unaligned to the people. The language of our trial is Oxford English not necro-mancy legalese in which the people would require clean hands interpretation.

This claim is vexatious not frivolous as the outcomes sought matter hugely to prevent further genocidal wrongs done to all people everywhere while remedy and cure will follow true justice to serve all people.

Trespass upon a man or woman is a wrong under legalese worded acts, conventions, statutes, codes and ‘rules’ of private corporations doing business upon persons such as courts, police and ‘governments’ as these bodies corporate have no verifiable claim employed as they are only via deception and misdirection.

People never achieve justice while the queen knights favoured paedophiles Jimmy Saville and Cyril Smith – supported in secret meetings of her privy council wilfully hidden by a deeply complicit state media.

Sunday 1st August 2021 is an open invitation in truth and transparency to Douglas Isle of Man for ‘Covid Vaccines Exposed’ a debate on all issues around the toxic ‘covid’ jab and the ongoing medical experiment.

Assembling at 11am on Wednesday 1st September 2021 at Douglas court house Isle of Man we shall commence at 11.11am under a court of common law a New Nuremberg Trial for wrongs against people with deceptive mass ongoing ‘covid’ experiments citing article 1 of The Nuremberg Code namely:

1. The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential

We the people will provide a jury of twelve men and women standing in honour to see true justice prevail.

The below four named were each cited in 3,000 leaflets compiled 6th February 2021 and distributed since to people on the Isle of Man and beyond – confirming those having done very serious wrong are primarily:

1) Robert ‘Howard’ Quayle doing business as Isle of Man chief minister,
2) David John Ashford doing business as Isle of Man health minister,
3) Alexander John Allinson GMC number 3483839 doing business as Isle of Man education minister,
4) Henrietta Ewart GMC number 2856492 doing business as Isle of Man director of public health,

The above four individuals have done wilfully harmful wrongs on an outrageous scale by conducting unlicensed unapproved medical experiments due to end between December 2022 – – January 2023 on their factually misdirected people using false science, threat, assault and battery under draconian forces of law.

Harms perpetrated by the above named include unethical ‘lience’ via medical rape by mask, swab, and jab.

Such treason breaches fundamental freedoms to body integrity in existence for eternity without pleading>

With no virus in true fact the 20 claimed Abbotswood ‘covid’ deaths need solid investigation especially as no replies were made to my six questions in FoI reference 1749605 – truly a curre.

Get the word out

Nuremberg 2.0 needs the support and energy of a critical mass of informed people to bring it into physical reality. Make it known to everyone that on Apr 21, 2021, German virologist and molecular biologist Stefan Lanka performed a control experiment that exposes scientific fraud and proves covid-19 does not.

This is a break through moment to stand in our power, together, to optimize our health and well-being, take back our rights and freedoms, advance true justice and equality, to end the reign of terror across this planet and genocide.

Please do your part by broadcasting the Nuremberg 2.0 trial widely, and on social media sites of perpetrators. TY

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino
Via ethernet to safeguard life




Police State: Ireland’s New Garda Powers 

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Bromley Police Station Served Notice Of The Coming Deaths Of Children Caused By The 'Vaccine'


Bromley Police Station Served Notice Of The Coming Deaths Of Children Caused By The 'Vaccine' 

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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on Genocidal Crimes of Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates – 06 14 21
Airlines are now Advising People who have had the Vaccine to avoid flying
 All Bees DEAD After Cell Tower Activated in Eagle, Idaho – VIDEO
Judge to FCC: ‘I am Inclined to Rule Against You’
11,000 Pages of Evidence Filed in Landmark 5G Case Against the FCC, Hearing Set for Jan. 25, 2021

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27 Experts Launch Petition Demanding FDA Slow Down And Get The Science Right Covid-19 Vaccines Masks


27 Experts Launch Petition Demanding FDA Slow Down
And Get The Science Right Covid-19 Vaccines Masks




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A group of 27 prominent health experts and scientists are inviting public comment on their petition calling on the FDA to withhold full approval of COVID vaccines until efficacy and safety measures are met.

A group of 27 clinicians, researchers and advocates last week filed an urgent Citizen Petition with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) urging the agency not to prematurely grant full approval to any COVID vaccine.

“Premature FDA approval of any COVID-19 vaccine could negatively impact the health and safety of U.S. residents, with global ramifications considering the international importance of FDA decisions,” the group said.

The FDA citizen petition process, described in Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations (21 CFR Part 10), allows individuals and community organizations to request the agency make changes to health policy. At any time, any “interested person” can request the FDA “issue, amend or revoke a regulation or order,” or “take or refrain from taking any other form of administrative action.”

In their petition, the group outlined many unanswered questions surrounding the efficacy and safety of COVID vaccines, and detailed how data must be collected before the FDA considers granting any vaccine full approval.

“We are concerned that the premature licensure of a COVID-19 vaccine can seriously undermine public confidence in regulatory authorities, particularly if long-term safety issues were to emerge following licensure,” petitioners wrote.

In an op-ed published today in The BMJ, four of the petition’s signatories, writing on behalf of the group, said:

“The message of our petition is ‘slow down and get the science right — there is no legitimate reason to hurry to grant a license to a coronavirus vaccine.’ We believe the existing evidence base — both pre- and post-authorization — is simply not mature enough at this point to adequately judge whether clinical benefits outweigh the risks in all populations.”

The petition states a COVID vaccine should be fully approved only when substantial evidence demonstrates the benefits of a specific product outweigh the harms for the indicated, recipient population. The petitioners “respectfully” requested the FDA act on the petition by June 11. They plan to seek judicial relief if the petition is denied.

The FDA granted Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) to three COVID vaccines — Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson (J&J) — allowing rapid and widespread vaccine rollout across the U.S. However, the EUAs were granted without a built-in expiration date, which means they can lawfully be distributed even after a “public health emergency” no longer exists.

The 20-page citizen petition and supporting documents are filed under Docket ID FDA-2021-P-0521 on Anyone can comment on the petition, or read others’ comments, including the FDA’s official reply once it arrives.

Petitioners ask the FDA to implement eight efficacy and safety measures before granting a COVID vaccine full FDA approval:

  1. Complete at least two years of follow-up of participants originally enrolled in pivotal clinical trials, even if the trials were unblinded and now lack a placebo control. All vaccine manufacturer phase 3 trials were already designed with this planned duration.
  2. Prior to including in the list of populations for which a vaccine is approved, ensure there is substantial evidence that clinical effectiveness outweighs harms in special populations including: infants, children and adolescents; those with past SARS-CoV-2 infection; immunocompromised; pregnant women; nursing women; frail older adults; and individuals with cancer, autoimmune disorders and hematological conditions.
  3. Require thorough safety assessment of spike proteins being produced by body tissues following vaccine administration, and spike proteins’ full biodistribution, pharmacokinetics and tissue specific toxicity.
  4. Complete vaccine biodistribution studies from administration site and safety implications of mRNA translation in distant tissues.
  5. Require data of all severe adverse reactions reported following COVID vaccination, such as deaths, reported in VAERS and other pharmacovigilance systems.
  6. Assess safety in individuals receiving more than two doses.
  7. Include gene delivery and therapy experts in the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC), in recognition of the fact that the novel COVID vaccines work on the premise of gene delivery, in contrast to conventional vaccines.
  8. Enforce stringent conflict-of-interest requirements to ensure individuals involved in data analysis and BLA-related decision-making processes have no conflict of interests with vaccine manufacturers.

The petitioners provided a rationale for each requested action and a list of what they said were invalid reasons for rushing full approval of COVID vaccines. They explained that approving COVID vaccines for the purpose of ensuring they are accessible after the public health emergency has ended, or in an effort to ensure adequate access to vaccines across the population, are two objectives that can be accomplished with current EUAs.

The group also said giving full approval to a COVID vaccine in an effort to pave the way for vaccine mandates or to bolster public confidence were outside the scope of the FDA’s purview.

“Premature FDA approval of any COVID-19 vaccine could negatively impact the health and safety of U.S. residents, with global ramifications considering the international importance of FDA decisions,” the group said.

The petition author and co-authors include:

  • Linda Wastila, BSPharm, MSPH, PhD and professor at University of Maryland School of Pharmacy
  • Peter Doshi, PhD, associate professor at University of Maryland School of Pharmacy
  • Patrick Whelan, MD, PhD associate clinical professor of pediatrics David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
  • Hamid A. Merchant, BPharm, MPharm, PhD, RPh, CQP, PGCertHE, FHEA, SRPharmS and subject leader department of pharmacy at University of Huddersfield
  • Donald W. Light, PhD and professor of comparative health policy and psychiatry at Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Florence T. Bourgeois MD and associate professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School
  • Robert M. Kaplan, PhD and distinguished research professor UCLA Fielding School of Public Health
  • Peter A. McCullough, MD and professor at Texas A & M College of Medicine
  • Anthony J Brookes, PhD and professor of genetics University of Leicester
  • David Healy, MD, FRCPsych and professor of psychiatry McMaster University Ontario, Canada
  • Byram Bridle, viral immunologist and associate professor at University of Guelph, Ontario
  • Kim Witczak, founder and CEO of Woodymatters and global drug safety advocate
  • Christine Stabell Benn, MD, PhD and professor of global health at University of Southern Denmark
  • Matthew Herder, JSM, LLM, Director, Health Law Institute at Dalhousie University Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Tom Jefferson, MD, MRCGP FFPHM, British epidemiologist who works with the Cochrane Collaboration, advisor to the Italian National Agency for Regional Health Services and is senior associate tutor at University of Oxford
  • Peter Collignon, infectious disease physician, microbiologist at Canberra Hospital and professor at the Australian National University Medical School
  • Peter C. Gøtzsche, Professor, DrMedSci, MD, MSc Director Institute for Scientific Freedom Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Peter Aaby, MSc, DMSc, Head of Bandim Health Project, Guinea-Bissau University of Southern Denmark
  • Ulrich Keil, MD, MPH, PhD, FRCP professor emeritus University of Münster, Germany
  • Juan Erviti, PharmD, PhD Unit of Innovation and Organization Navarre Health Service, Spain
  • Iona Heath, CBE FRCGP and past president of the Royal College of General Practitioners London, UK
  • Joseph A. Ladapo, MD, PhD associate professor of Medicine David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
  • Barbara Mintzes, BA, MSc, PhD, associate professor, School of Pharmacy at the University of Sydney, Australia
  • Huseyin Naci, MHS, PhD associate professor of Health Policy London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Angela Spelsberg, MD, Comprehensive Cancer Center Aachen, Germany
  • Erick Turner, MD, associate professor of psychiatry at Oregon Health & Science University
  • Allyson M Pollock, MBChB, FRCPH, FRCP,  FRCGP, clinical professor of Public Health Institute of Health and Society, Newcastle University and director of the Newcastle University Centre for Excellence in Regulatory Science.

Earlier this month, Children’s Health Defense Chairman (CHD) Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Dr. Meryl Nass, on behalf of CHD, filed a Citizen Petition with the FDA requesting the agency not only refrain from licensing COVID vaccines, but also immediately revoke the vaccines’ EUAs.

CHD submitted 72 references supporting the request for revocation and restraint. To read the full CHD petition text, download it from the FDA website or read the full petition here — then submit your comments using this form.  

Back in 2009 they had another fake pandemic

This is in one of the reports from back then. 

A Quote from one of the reports. Hasty testing and preparation of the vaccine. Baxter Intl applied for the patent in 2008, long before the outbreak. How does that work? “The Baxter vaccine, called Celvapan, has had fast track approval. It uses a new vero cell technology, which utilizes cultured cells from the African green monkey. This same animal tissue transmits a number of vaccine-contaminating viruses, including the HIV virus.

 “The Baxter company has been associated with two deadly scandals. The first event occurred in 2006 when hemophiliac components were contaminated with HIV virus and injected in tens of thousands of people, including thousands of children. Baxter continued to release the HIV contaminated vaccine even after the contamination was known.

 “The second event occurred recently, when it was discovered that Baxter had released a seasonal flu vaccine containing the bird flu virus, which would have produced a real world pandemic, to 18 countries. Fortunately, astute lab workers in the Czech Republic discovered the deadly combination and blew the whistle before a worldwide disaster was unleashed. 

Go HERE for the rest of the reports. Would they put something in vaccines to make you sick? Yes is the answer to that one. 


 More on the 2009 Fake pandemic and the adverse effects of the vaccines. 


Mass Sterilization: Kenyan Doctors Find Anti-Fertility Agent In UN Tetanus Vaccine
From 2015  
 By: Brian Shilhavy

AFRICANGLOBE – According to a report, the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association is charging UNICEF and WHO with sterilizing millions of girls and women under cover of an anti-tetanus vaccination program sponsored by the Kenyan government.

The Kenyan government denies there is anything wrong with the vaccine, and says it is perfectly safe.


The Kenya Catholic Doctors Association, however, saw evidence to the contrary, and had six different samples of the tetanus vaccine from various locations around Kenya sent to an independent laboratory in South Africa for testing.

The results confirmed their worst fears: all six samples tested positive for the HCG antigen. The HCG antigen is used in anti-fertility vaccines, but was found present in tetanus vaccines targeted to young girls and women of childbearing age. Dr. Ngare, spokesman for the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association, stated in a bulletin:

“This proved right our worst fears; that this WHO campaign is not about eradicating neonatal tetanus but a well-coordinated forceful population control mass sterilization exercise using a proven fertility regulating vaccine. This evidence was presented to the Ministry of Health before the third round of immunization but was ignored.”

Dr. Ngare brought up several points about the mass tetanus vaccination program in Kenya that caused the Catholic doctors to become suspicious:

Dr. Ngare told reporters that several things alerted doctors in the Church’s far-flung medical system of 54 hospitals, 83 health centres, and 17 medical and nursing schools to the possibility the anti-tetanus campaign was secretly an anti-fertility campaign.

Why, they ask does it involve an unprecedented five shots (or “jabs” as they are known, in Kenya) over more than two years and why is it applied only to women of childbearing years, and why is it being conducted without the usual fanfare of government publicity?

“Usually we give a series three shots over two to three years, we give it anyone who comes into the clinic with an open wound, men, women or children.” said Dr. Ngare.

But it is the five vaccination regime that is most alarming. “The only time tetanus vaccine has been given in five doses is when it is used as a carrier in fertility regulating vaccines laced with the pregnancy hormone, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) developed by WHO in 1992.”

UNICEF: A History Of Taking Advantage Of Disasters To Mass Vaccinate

It should be noted that UNICEF and WHO distribute these vaccines for free, and that there are financial incentives for the Kenyan government to participate in these programs. When funds from the UN are not enough to purchase yearly allotments of vaccines, an organization started and funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, GAVI, provides extra funding for many of these vaccination programs in poor countries. (See: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Vaccine Empire on Trial in India.)

Also, there was no outbreak of tetanus in Kenya, only the perceived “threat” of tetanus due to local flood conditions.


These local disasters are a common reason UNICEF goes into poorer countries with free vaccines to begin mass vaccination programs.

Last year UNICEF began a similar mass vaccination program with 500,000 doses of live oral polio vaccine in the Philippines after a Super Typhoon devastated Tacolban and surrounding areas. This was in spite of the fact there were no reported cases of polio in the Philippines since 1993, and people who have had the live polio vaccine can “shed” the virus into sewage systems, thereby causing the actual disease it is supposed to be preventing.

A very similar mass vaccination with the live oral polio vaccine occurred among Syrian refugees in 2013, when 1.7 million doses of polio vaccine were purchased by UNICEF, in spite of the fact that no cases of polio had been seen since 1999. After the mass vaccination program started, cases of polio began to reappear in Syria.

It seems quite apparent that UNICEF and WHO use these local disasters to mass vaccinate people, mainly children and young women. Massive education and propaganda efforts are also necessary to convince the local populations that they need these vaccines. Here is a video UNICEF produced for the tetanus vaccine in Kenya. Notice how they use school teachers and local doctors to do the educating, even though the vaccines are produced by western countries.

At least in Kenya, doctors are acting and taking a stand against what they see as an involuntary mass sterilization campaign designed to control the population of Africans.


G7 CIRCUS / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown
Man Reports Plandemic Murder To Police Station / Hugo Talks #lockdown 
More People Need To Do This World Wide.

With the thousands of deaths and injuries they should just stop using it as of now. They should never approve it it for any reason.

Blanket Surveillance Coming Online

 Covid Lawsuits against Governments and Others


Tuesday, June 1, 2021


Dr. Byram Bridle Blows Whistle On Extremely Concerning Japanese Study On Vaccine Lipids & Clotting

  Direct Link

 More on the study and a few other things.

Highly Inflammable Lipids/Spike Protein Carrying mRNA Found Accumulating In OVARIES, Brain & Many Other Organs

Direct Link


Dr Vernon Coleman - Proof the Covid-19 Jabs Should be Stopped Now



Flu vaccine linked to Covid 19 Possibility

Deaths and Injuries due to Covid vaccines Page 2