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JAB Kids with Covid Vaccines as fast as we can Say SAGE On BBC


JAB Kids as fast as we can Say SAGE On BBC 


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 I can't say what I think about this SAGE. He needs to be put in jail. Anyone who thinks he knows, what he is talking about needs to see a shrink. Maybe go bang your head up against a wall until you knock some seance into yourself, if you think he intelligent. 

He is advocating killing and injuring kids.

They are going after Babies and Little kids.

Experimenting on Babies as young as 6 months old-Wake up People


Exploring the Oxford-AstraZeneca Eugenics Links

 Even some in the independent media have bought into the hype surrounding the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID vaccine and its "non-profit" nature. But once you peel back the layers of obfuscation you quickly find not only the profit motive hiding underneath, but the dark specter of eugenics. Whitney Webb of Unlimited Hangout joins us to discuss her recent article, "Developers of Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine Tied to UK Eugenics Movement."

 Link to show notes. Also a back up video.

With the thousands upon thousands of side effects happening to adults, this is an absolute atrocity.  It is beyond criminal. 

How many have to die before they stop this madness.  Almost every day, I find new deaths and injuries. The number are staggering.

Thousands had side effects from Covid Vaccine- Deaths and Injuries

 You will die from the vaccine before you even die of so called Covid.  They have not Isolated the virus either. Not even China has Isolated it. Scroll down to get to the CDC guy from China. 

China Has Not Isolated the virus and for all intense and purposes do not trust WHO. 

Devastating Vaccines that Caused Injury or Death

Biden Gives $4 BILLION to WHO and Bill Gates/GAVI for Global COVID Vaccine Injury Compensation Program 

Like anyone will ever get any compensation and if your dead it ce6rtainly will do you no good.


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If you want to know abut another horrific drug trial on children taken from their parents Scroll down until you find  Read that one and you will be very angry. It is down a ways.

AIDS Experiments on Children in New York's Incarnation Center 'A Human Tragedy'




No More Anal Swabs For "Diplomats"! And Bubbles For Kids In School.... 

 The state department is upset with china for giving anal swabs to some so called diplomats.. this is apparently good for the general population but not the diplomats.. Meanwhile a school in Washington state has kids practicing band in what look like single person tents or bubbles..


Show Links


Rand Paul Confronts Biden's Transgender
Health Nominee Rachel Levine About Genital Mutilation




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Reiner Fuellmich With Other German Lawyers Class Action


In this video, we break down the insanity happening in public schools across the United States and the future of education. 


This is ALL by DESIGN... 



This covers the people who died in Seniors homes. How sending sick people to Seniors homes caused many more deaths.  This was done in a number of other places as well.

Crowder is a bit bazaar, but he certainly has the deaths down perfect.  

Even if Covid is not a real thing, sending sick people to Seniors homes, as they did was wrong on every level.

If anyone had the flu or even a cold those two things could cause many deaths. Seniors homes, are also not equipped to handle sick people, the same as a hospital would. Sending someone with pneumonia for example, to a seniors home could very well be a death sentence. They have extremely weak immune systems and are also on a lot of drugs. 



They did of course get inflated numbers of deaths, caused by the Governors. They all need to be held accountable.

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ICU Nurse Whistleblower: Ontario Canada

 Update for April 1, 2021

Lack of Medical Care Contributed to LTC Home Deaths in Canada (Including In Provinces That Were Largely Covid Unaffected) 


ICU Nurse Whistleblower: Hospitals Running Below Capacity, Performing “Pandemic Theatre”

On January 6, 2021, I was contacted by a nurse who works in a hospital on the outskirts of Toronto, Ontario. Toronto is Canada’s most populous city, and the fourth largest city in North America. 

The Ontario government’s website claims that “escalating [COVID-19] case counts have led to increasing hospitalization rates and capacity challenges in many large urban hospitals” which “are reaching critical limits.” As a result, the province has continued to enforce lockdowns, mandatory masking and social distancing.

Yet this whistleblowing nurse, as you can read below, works in a “large urban hospital” and reports a very different story. She has provided sufficient evidence, and links to public records, to satisfy me that she is indeed a nurse working for over a decade in multiple Canadian hospitals. To protect her identity, position and family, details about her and her place of work have been changed or omitted, without altering her message.

Nurses Scared to Speak Out

JOHN: Why do you prefer to use a pseudonym?

NURSE ANDREA: I’d really like to avoid losing my job or my licence. It’s important to speak out, but at the same time, there’s no sense in becoming a martyr, because all evidence seems to suggest I’ll be crushed. 

JOHN: Are you sure you are a nurse working in Canada, not communist China?

NURSE ANDREA: Yes, we are now officially living in a kind of Soviet Covidestan, where lockdowns, masks, and vaccines are the brutally state-enforced ideology. It does give me a sense of terror and anxiety. Then again, I make my points loud and clear to my colleagues, but I don’t proselytize. I maintain strict professional boundaries with patients and play by the rules. I need to lurk until the time is right to strike.

Empty Emergency Room

JOHN: Can you describe what the emergency room situation is like in your hospital? I would imagine, since the province is in lockdown and under a declared state of emergency that the situation there must be exhausting.

NURSE ANDREA: I’ve been doing overtime in ICU because ER is literally empty at times. Eventually a bunch of ambulances may show up all at once (no COVID) and make it feel busy, but this is the nature of ER. Otherwise, hours and hours may go with only 20-40% occupancy. The overall hospital tracker shows total hospital occupancy approximately 70%. 

JOHN: Does not the staff question this low volume during not only a “pandemic” but also a time of year when hospitals in Ontario are normally so overwhelmed they are resorting to “hallway healthcare”?

NURSE ANDREA: The other day a member of the leadership team was saying how our ER volume is about half what it was a year ago (before the “deadly pandemic”). Someone said, “But there’s so many cases… why are volumes lower?” I said, “Maybe the virus is not as deadly as the hype suggests?” Those kinds of comments are usually met with silence.

Mostly Non-COVID Patients

JOHN: Can you give me an example of the type of non-COVID patients you are caring for?

NURSE ANDREA: A man came in with his dad from the nursing home. He was furious because his dad was held in isolation, not fed, and was sinking into decline at the nursing home because no family could come see him. I see this with frequency.

JOHN: Can you give me another example of the type of cases you are seeing?

NURSE ANDREA: Busy day in the fracture room, yesterday. Lots of mangled limbs from slipping on the ice. None of it COVID, though everyone gets COVID swabbed before orthopaedic surgery, even asymptomatic patients with straightforward limb injuries. 

This just proves we all need to stay home. You can slip on your front porch and overwhelm the “Icey U.”

ICU Caring for Only Nine Patients

JOHN: If you are taking shifts in ICU, I would then assume that is where the real COVID crisis is happening?

NURSE ANDREA: Yes it’s true that we are at 90% occupancy (with far more ventilators than usual). But let’s put this in perspective: If an ICU has ten beds, then discharging 2 patients brings us down to 70% capacity. Not everyone in ICU absolutely needs to be there. There has always been incentive to keep ICU at near full capacity.

JOHN: I’m sure ICU care is intense, but nine patients does not sound overwhelming to me.

NURSE ANDREA: First off, I do not diminish the hard work and the heroism of my colleagues. But let’s be real, staff still have time to stand around and chat, take their coffee breaks, and check their phones. Sometimes staff needs moral support rather than alleviate any acute life-threatening staff shortage or assist resuscitative acts. 

JOHN: So it’s not a “war zone” like the media says?

NURSE ANDREA: The ICU looks exactly like an ICU should look: busy with really sick people.

JOHN: So the media is exaggerating?

Critical Care Rationing Latest Media Scare Story

NURSE ANDREA: The other day, I was reading the National Post in the hospital lobby and the latest media scare story is about critical care rationing. Once again, they are talking about “war zones” and we are being scared to think “doctors may have to choose who lives and who dies.”

So when I got back to the ICU I had a chance to talk about rationing with an illustrious ICU doctor. We were conducting daily rounds on a chronically ventilated patient well past the average life-expectancy with many debilitating conditions demonstrating no hope for any quality of life. However, they are kept alive (physiologically with machines) because the family insists on keeping them going “at all costs.”

JOHN: So a person well past eighty, with almost zero hope of recovery, is receiving critical care in a time of supposed medical rationing? It doesn’t sound like doctors are having to make hard choices about who should live and who should die.

NURSE ANDREA: The general sentiment here is that, contrary to doctors and nurses being forced into a moral quagmire of health care rationing, many would welcome a return of professional autonomy. We would prefer to act on an objective clinical judgement, not the emotional whims of families who cannot accept the reality of death.

The truth is that our government healthcare system has set up an impossible situation. On the one hand, medically illiterate families are given a level of decision making power to keep people alive on ventilators ad infinitum despite all indicators pointing to total, utter, and abject futility. On the other hand, the amount of resources required for this is impossible to sustain. It has always been impossible, bankrupting our healthcare system for decades.

Futile Use of Intensive Care Resources

JOHN: You’re saying, then, that even many of the doctors do not agree that there is precedent for the use of these intensive care procedures?

NURSE ANDREA: Intensive care has saved many lives and is a very important element of hospital care, even during this COVID “crisis.” But at the same time, it’s not magic. Doctors need to feel comfortable saying: “Sorry, we’ve done all we can for your loved one, but there is no hope for return to quality of life, it’s time to say goodbye…”

JOHN: It sounds like a denial of the reality of death?

NURSE ANDREA: That is true and it’s what I’ve been saying since March: ICU and ventilator worship will result in an ocean of futility when applied to every elderly person who is already nearing the end of their life-span with multiple chronic organ dysfunctions. In fact, nurse burnout in the ICU can be attributed to the suffering we cause after sticking tubes into every orifice and forcefully restraining elderly people as they rot away in bed when they are simply trying to die.

JOHN: In New York, Italy and China there has been much evidence and testimonials from nurses showing that patients were not dying form COVID but from being placed on ventilator prematurely. Have you seen much unwarranted intubation in your hospital?

NURSE ANDREA: Thankfully, I haven’t seen this directly, first-hand. However, I called BS on the ventilator-worship back in March and April last year and was vindicated. I’ve worked with intubated patients for a long time. One of the biggest drivers of ventilation was the same as for lockdown: fear. Especially during the early phase of the COVID “crisis,” there was extreme media-induced paranoia among nurses and doctors about a uniquely deadly and unusually transmissible coronavirus. The belief was that intubation would prevent aerosolized spread of the virus to staff. I heard these conversations first hand.

Death by Ventilators and Lockdowns, Not COVID

JOHN: Was death from ventilation very common during the first wave, or something that only happened occasionally?

NURSE ADREA: We had an epidemic of physician-induced death from ventilators in the first wave, no doubt. That is beyond dispute. Death from ventilators and lockdown, not COVID. This has been well documented in places like New York.

Widespread Government-Caused Horror

JOHN: How do you feel being made to work in such an oppressive environment?

NURSE ANDREA: I’m glad I still get to work, even under this oppression. I feel so terribly for those forced out of work. I see them sometimes come to the hospital, suicidal. But even many of them are not directing their rage at the people in power who did this to them. When I’m not working, I start stewing in my own rage about what is going on with lockdown. Working in a hospital I can play pandemic theatre. I’m busy taking care of sick people — often very few of them actual COVID cases — that it takes my mind away from the widespread government-caused horror from the pandemic response.

JOHN: Thank you for speaking out.

NURSE ANDREA: Sadly, the enemies of rationality and freedom are all around us, including our neighbours, family, and friends. I firmly believe future historians will look back on this time with the same sense of horror we feel today about medical and social engineering atrocities of the past — such as eugenics, forced lobotomies and medical experimentation on “undesirables.”

I thank you very much for this opportunity to mark my word today.



Ontario nurse calls lockdowns an “utterly unconscionable” reaction to a manufactured crisis

Identifying himself as a nurse at a hospital in Brampton (one of Canada’s largest cities on the outskirts of Toronto), Andrew had this to say in a letter to his member of parliament:

“Whatever you guys are hearing from Public Health… it’s all about saving face. That these people are demanding lockdowns is utterly unconscionable. Evil, frankly. The entire COVID crisis is manufactured.”

Andrew decries healthcare workers for hyperbolic language, such as calling hospitals a “war zone.” He says doctors and nurses have talked like this “since time immemorial” and warns that “a great shame will come upon all of you that ushered in this era of fear, terror, and tyranny for no legitimate reason.”

You can read his entire letter on Randy Hillier’s website


The Latest Ado About Corona…

The following are sent to COVID-19(84) Red Pill email subscribers from John C. A. Manley…

Sat Feb 13 2021 | How dangerous are these new variants, really? | According to what we hear from officials and the mainstream media,” says science writer, Rosemary Frei, “the new variants are the most dangerous and unpredictable beings since Osama bin Laden.” Yet, as Frei’s recent article shows, the supposed dangers of the latest PR hype for the common cold coronavirus are completely based on theoretical modelling. Neil Ferguson even lent a hand (newly forgiven for his extra-marital lockdown transgressions). And none of the three far-fetched studies have been peer reviewed.  As I assumed, these new variants appear to be just more science fiction; the next chapter in a poorly written novel aimed at scaring us into a world of stricter medical tyranny and nauseating vaccine sales pitches. You can read Frei’s detailed article, Is it True that the New Variants are Very Dangerous?, at

Fri Feb 12 2021 | We Are All Essential | Who said Canucks have no backbone? Check out a new website: As its “Knowing Your Rights” page says: “None of the Canadian provinces and territories met any of the ‘conditions’ to make a Declaration of Emergency.  Further, they based their declarations on a predictive model from the UK that was outrageously over predicting the number of deaths in Canada.” If you live in Canada, I’d encourage you to search their directory. It lists businesses across the nation that have publicly declared they will stay open. There may be a brave hair salon, restaurant or gym in your area that could use your support.


Thousands had side effects from Covid Vaccine- Deaths and Injuries

 No one has Isolated the virus, not even China

A Nurse from the UK Blows the Whistle on Covid















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The Cocvd Vaccines on Trial - Watch Now - Things you need to Know

February 11, 2021

 The video is about 2 hours long.


  • Are they safe and effective?
  • Can you be forced to take one?
  • Who’s liable if anything goes wrong?
  • How do I protect my right to choose?
  • Discover what the mainstream media is not telling you!


  • Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
  • Del Bigtree
  • Thomas Cowan, MD
  • Mary Holland, Esq.
  • Christiane Northrup,MD
  • John Gilmore
  • Michael Kane
  • Larry Palevsky,MD
  • Sherri Tenpenny, DO
  • David Rasnick, PhD
  • Kevin Jenkins


  • Curtis Cost
  • Maureen McDonnell


Additional Groups

  • NY Alliance For Vaccine Rights
  • Family Freedom Alliance
  • Liberate NY

Definitely worth taking the time to watch. Video is at the site.

 Now they want to experiment on babies. The vaccines will kill and maim them too.

Experimenting on Babies as young as 6 months old-Wake up People

 The number of deaths and adverse events grow daily.

Thousands had side effects from Covid Vaccine- Deaths and Injuries

Also at the link below is anther video of 

So no one has isolated the virus, not even China. WHO fails to mention that one as well. 

WHO fails to mention Vaccine deaths and Side effects -Feb 5, 2021 Press Conference.

Metals, Micro- Nanocontamination found in Vaccines

A connection between 5G and Covid 19










Saturday, February 6, 2021

WHO fails to mention Vaccine deaths and Side effects -China never Isolated the Virus



AstraZeneca vaccine

Information for UK recipients from the UK Gov. on COVID 19 Vaccine AstraZeneca

Updated 28 January 2021

Regulation 174 Information for UK recipients

Package leaflet: Information for the recipient

COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca solution for injection COVID-19 Vaccine (ChAdOx1 S [recombinant])

This medicinal product has been given authorisation for temporary supply by the UK Department of Health and Social Care and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency. It does not have a marketing authorisation, but this temporary authorisation grants permission for the medicine to be used for active immunisation of individuals aged 18 years and older for the prevention of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Reporting of side effects

As with any new medicine in the UK this product will be closely monitored to allow quick identification of new safety information. You can help by reporting any side effects you may get. See the end of section 4 for how to report side effects.

Read all of this leaflet carefully before the vaccine is given because it contains important information for you.

  • Keep this leaflet. You may need to read it again.
  • If you have any further questions, ask your doctor, pharmacist or nurse.
  • If you get any side effects, talk to your doctor, pharmacist or nurse. This includes any possible side effects not listed in this leaflet. See section 4.

What is in this leaflet

  1. What COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca is and what it is used for
  2. What you need to know before you receive COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca
  3. How COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca is given
  4. Possible side effects
  5. How to store COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca
  6. Contents of the pack and other information

1. What COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca is and what it is used for

COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca is a vaccine used to protect people aged 18 years and older against COVID-19.

COVID-19 is caused by a virus called coronavirus (SARS CoV 2).

COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca stimulates the body’s natural defences (immune system). It causes the body to produce its own protection (antibodies) against the virus. This will help to protect you against COVID-19 in the future. None of the ingredients in this vaccine can cause COVID-19.

2. What you need to know before you receive COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca

Do not have the vaccine:

If you have ever had a severe allergic reaction to any of the active substances or any of the other ingredients listed in section 6. Signs of an allergic reaction may include itchy skin rash, shortness of breath and swelling of the face or tongue. Contact your doctor or healthcare professional immediately or go to the nearest hospital emergency room right away if you have an allergic reaction. It can be life-threatening.

If you are not sure, talk to your doctor, pharmacist or nurse.

Warnings and precautions

Tell your doctor, pharmacist or nurse before vaccination:

  • If you have ever had a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) after any other vaccine injection;
  • If you currently have a severe infection with a high temperature (over 38°C).
  • However, a mild fever or infection, like a cold, are not reasons to delay vaccination;
  • If you have a problem with bleeding or bruising, or if you are taking a blood thinning medicine (anticoagulant);
  • If your immune system does not work properly (immunodeficiency) or you are taking medicines that weaken the immune system (such as high-dose corticosteroids, immunosuppressants or cancer medicines).

If you are not sure if any of the above applies to you, talk to your doctor, pharmacist or nurse before you are given the vaccine.

As with any vaccine, COVID 19 Vaccine AstraZeneca may not protect everyone who is vaccinated from COVID-19. It is not yet known how long people who receive the vaccine will be protected for. No data are currently available in individuals with a weakened immune system or who are taking chronic treatment that suppresses or prevents immune responses.

Children and adolescents

No data are currently available on the use of COVID 19 Vaccine AstraZeneca in children and adolescents younger than 18 years of age.

Other medicines and COVID 19 Vaccine AstraZeneca

Tell your doctor, pharmacist or nurse if you are taking, have recently taken or might take, any other medicines or vaccines.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, think you may be pregnant, or are planning to have a baby, tell your doctor, pharmacist or nurse. There are limited data on the use of COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca in pregnant or breastfeeding women. Your doctor, pharmacist or nurse will discuss with you whether you can be given the vaccine.

Driving and using machines

COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca has no known effect on the ability to drive and use machines. However, side effects listed in section 4 may impact your ability to drive and use machines. If you feel unwell, do not drive or use machines.

COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca contains sodium and alcohol (ethanol)

This medicine contains less than 1 mmol sodium (23 mg) per dose of 0.5 ml. This means that it is essentially ‘sodium-free’.

This medicine contains a very small amount of alcohol (0.002 g of alcohol (ethanol) per dose of 0.5 ml). This is not enough to cause any noticeable effects.

3. How COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca is given

COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca is injected into a muscle (usually in the upper arm).

You will receive 2 injections. You will be told when you need to return for your second injection of COVID 19 Vaccine AstraZeneca.

The second injection can be given between 4 and 12 weeks after the first injection.

When COVID 19 Vaccine AstraZeneca is given for the first injection, COVID 19 Vaccine AstraZeneca (and not another vaccine against COVID 19) should be given for the second injection to complete vaccination course.

If you miss your second injection

If you forget to go back at the scheduled time, ask your doctor, pharmacist or nurse for advice. It is important that you return for your second injection of COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca.

4. Possible side effects

Like all medicines, this vaccine can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them. In clinical studies with the vaccine, most side effects were mild to moderate in nature and resolved within a few days with some still present a week after vaccination.

If side effects such as pain and/or fever are troublesome, medicines containing paracetamol can be taken.

Side effects that occurred during clinical trials with COVID 19 Vaccine AstraZeneca were as follows:

Very Common (may affect more than 1 in 10 people)

  • tenderness, pain, warmth, redness, itching, swelling or bruising where the injection is given
  • generally feeling unwell
  • feeling tired (fatigue)
  • chills or feeling feverish
  • headache
  • feeling sick (nausea)
  • joint pain or muscle ache

Common (may affect up to 1 in 10 people)

  • a lump at the injection site
  • fever
  • being sick (vomiting)
  • flu-like symptoms, such as high temperature, sore throat, runny nose, cough and chills

Uncommon (may affect up to 1 in 100 people)

  • feeling dizzy
  • decreased appetite
  • abdominal pain
  • enlarged lymph nodes
  • excessive sweating, itchy skin or rash

In clinical trials there were very rare reports of events associated with inflammation of the nervous system, which may cause numbness, pins and needles, and/or loss of feeling. However, it is not confirmed whether these events were due to the vaccine.

If you notice any side effects not mentioned in this leaflet, please inform your doctor, pharmacist or nurse.

Reporting of side effects

If you get any side effects, talk to your doctor, pharmacist or nurse. This includes any possible side effects not listed in this leaflet.

If you are concerned about a side-effect it can be reported directly via the Coronavirus Yellow Card reporting site or search for MHRA Yellow Card in the Google Play or Apple App Store and include the vaccine brand and batch/Lot number if available.

By reporting side effects you can help provide more information on the safety of this vaccine.

5. How to store COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca

Keep this medicine out of the sight and reach of children.

Your doctor, pharmacist or nurse is responsible for storing this vaccine and disposing of any unused product correctly.


Do not use COVID 19 Vaccine AstraZeneca after the expiry date which is stated on the carton. The expiry date refers to the last day of that month.

Store in a refrigerator (2°C to 8°C). Do not freeze. Keep vials in outer carton to protect from light.

The vaccine does not contain any preservative and should be administered by a healthcare professional. After the first dose is withdrawn, the vaccine should be used as soon as practically possible and within 6 hours. During use it can be stored from 2°C to 25°C.


COVID 19 Vaccine AstraZeneca contains genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Any unused vaccine or waste material should be disposed of in accordance with local requirements. Spills should be disinfected with an appropriate antiviral disinfectant.

6. Contents of the pack and other information

What COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca contains

One dose (0.5 ml) contains: COVID 19 Vaccine (ChAdOx1-S* recombinant) 5 × 10^10 viral particles

*Recombinant, replication-deficient chimpanzee adenovirus vector encoding the SARS CoV 2 Spike glycoprotein. Produced in genetically modified human embryonic kidney (HEK) 293 cells.

This product contains genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

The other excipients are:

  • L-histidine
  • L-histidine hydrochloride monohydrate
  • magnesium chloride hexahydrate
  • polysorbate 80
  • ethanol
  • sucrose
  • sodium chloride
  • disodium edetate dihydrate
  • water for injections

What COVID 19 Vaccine AstraZeneca looks like and contents of the pack

Solution for injection. The solution is colourless to slightly brown, clear to slightly opaque and particle free.

Pack sizes (not all pack sizes may be marketed):

  • 10 dose vial (5 ml) in packs of 10 vials
  • 8 dose vial (4 ml) in packs of 10 vials


MedImmune UK Ltd
6 Renaissance Way
Liverpool, L24 9JW
United Kingdom

MedImmune Pharma B.V., Nijmegen
Lagelandseweg 78
Nijmegen, 6545CG

For any information about this medicine, please contact:

AstraZeneca UK Ltd
Tel: 08000541028

This leaflet was last revised on 12/2020

Other sources of information

AstraZeneca COVID-19 website



Now that you have read all that just listen to what they had to say on their press conference on Feb 5, 2021

 Ryna says vaccines are safe. Who is he trying to kid? Knowing how many have been harmed or died, makes that statement and out and out lie. They are as safe, as playing Russian Roulette.


By the way, do download this video for future references. The could change it, as others have noted. WHO changes things. Even videos can be edited. 

You can also watch it here as well. Feb 5, 2021


 This is an interesting read. 

A really good write up by

A quote form the story.

 When seniors die before vaccination, it’s due to COVID-19 and something must be done to prevent it, but when they die after vaccination, they die of natural causes and no preventive action is necessary.

The World Health Organization added that since there was “no certain connection” of the vaccines to Norway’s deaths, there is no reason to discontinue giving it to senior citizens.

 Well a note to WHO there is a connection to the vaccine deaths and injuries,  Failure to to reconcile that, is a crime.

CDC director in China admitting they never isolated the virus. His comments are near the end of this 1/23/2021 broadcast of NBC Nightly News.


CDC director in China admitting they never isolated the virus. 


China did not isolate the virus. CDC director in China admitting they never isolated the virus. His comments are near the end of this 1/23/2021 broadcast of NBC Nightly News. 

Dr. Thomas Cowan - Analysis of Official Claim of Isolation of Covid-19 in Australia 


Statement of Virus Isolation | Conclusion: The SARS-CoV2 Virus Does Not Exist

2 more links about that

No one else has isolated the virus either, The latest report on that. 


No CDC Records of Existence of the Ebola Virus

March 15, 2021 CDC FOIA response: no records of any "Ebolavirus" isolation/purification by anyone, anywhere, ever

Where is the coronavirus? The CDC says it isn’t available.

The UN helps China

UN Gave China Names of Dissidents That of course endangers them and their families.  One more reason the UN needs an overhaul or to just be dismantled.  5 Countries have control over the UN so not very diplomatic. 

Veto Power Within the UN

The power of veto is wielded exclusively by the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. These members are France, China, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Russia. The veto power allows these members to thwart the implementation of any resolution that may be deemed substantial.

Aired February 25, 2021



 PCR Covid 19 Tests are Worthless

Now they want to experiment on babies. The vaccines will kill and maim them too.

Experimenting on Babies as young as 6 months old-Wake up People

Another Dr went looking for an Isolated virus. Guess what he could not find it either.

The Covid Vaccines on Trial - Watch Now - Things you need to Know

NO ONE HAS PROVED THAT COVID19 EXISTS - A collection of the evidence

COVID-1984 FOI Request | UK Government Admits Virus Doesn’t Exist


Gemma O'Doherty from Ireland- Covid -IT DOES NOT EXIST, (Must Watch/Share)

From Dr Young 

NO Isolation of "SARS-COV-2-19" from Australian, New Zealand, Italy, Germany, & Canadian Researchers

 Evidence Covid Virus does not exist

So no one has isolated the virus, therefore it does not even exist. That is fraud of the worst kind.




Monday, February 1, 2021

Community Bands Together to Rescue Elderly Woman Medically Kidnapped


Community Bands Together to Rescue Elderly Woman Medically Kidnapped


 Kidnapping for sure. That will make people never want to go to the hospital. 

America wake up. The land of the free is it. This is life under Biden is it. 

Welcome to the new America. Now the Police are helping kidnap people.

For more on this story

Community Bands Together to Rescue Elderly Woman Medically Kidnapped – The Life of a Senior is Still Precious to Some

 Americans need to do what these people are doing. Before it is too late. Your country is gone. The hospital is now nothing more then a concentration camp or prison.  Who will ever trust the police again?

People make this go viral.  No one should ever have to go through this. This is also happening in seniors homes in many places.

Hitler would be thrilled at the sickness crossing America. 

World Protests against Lockdown measures

Has been updated on Feb 4, 2021 

Thousands had side effects from Covid Vaccine People are dieng from the vaccines

 In Canada people are being taken from airports and put into lockdown.prison and families cannot find out where they are.  They are being kidnapped.