Monday, March 22, 2021

PCR Swab sterilized with Cancer causing agent

Update April 27, 2021 

Covid Test Swabs UP CLOSE: New Report Claims Test Fibers Packed Dangerous DARPA Hydrogel & Lithium 


 Link to Report Tim talks about,  

Analysis of test sticks from surface testing in the Slovak Republic -confirmation of genocide.. I advise downloading the report to your files.


PCR-Teststäbchen-Partikel können wie Asbest im Körper wirken/PCR test rod particles can act like asbestos in the body

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Dr. Petrella Prefers Death Over The COVID-19 Vaccine - Pay Attention! He made this video in 2020 Boy was he right. 


Added April 2, 2021

Lack of Medical Care Contributed to LTC Home Deaths in Canada (Including In Provinces That Were Largely Covid Unaffected)

Update March 30. 2021

Mask have been recalled again. They are toxic. They too come from China. Be sure to check them out, they could be in any country as well.  It only took the government abut 3 months to figure out they were toxic. A bit slow.

Update March 29. 2021

 Oddly enough there have been a number of people, who have had positive tests come back, when the swab was not even used. Then again there have been people who stood in line, got fed up, left, were never tested at all and they too tested positive. 

What else is in those swabs one has to wonder?

A Politician in Austria use the new tests and tested cola and it tested positive.  The President of Tanzanian tested a number of things with PCR and one was a Paw Paw and it came back positive.  Those things really need to be sent to a lab and have everything and anything examined. Even for metals, viruses, bacteria, other chemicals etc.

Stop COVID Testing Immediately: PCR and Quick Test Swabs May be Cancer-Causing

There is a video there of children being tested. Seems to me they could have done a lot of damage to those kids. It is very hard to watch. 


Covid-19 Nasal Swab Test Led To Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak


Then there is what happened to this little baby.

Covid death, but not from Covid because of WHO?

Carcinogen Ethylene Oxide Used in Covid PCR and LFT Swab Tests

Some COVID-19 tests contain EtO-poison

PCR Swab sterilized with Cancer causing agent




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 Just because someone says it is safe means nothing.

Ethylene Oxide 


In this one there are black things in it. He did not read what was in it used to sterilize it.  Odds are good they used the same chemical agent. 

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Who Made Your Mask We Traced PPE to Uighur Workers in China-s Harsh Labor Program Coronavirus News 


China Concentration Camps How Forced Labor Creates Large Profits for the CCP 



WHO fails to mention Vaccine deaths and Side effects -China never Isolated the Virus Then again no one else has either

PCR Covid 19 Tests are Worthless

Thousands had side effects from Covid Vaccine- Deaths and Injuries













WaffleStaffel said...

Ethylene oxide is a gas. There may be traces on the swab, but it is unlikely to be present in noteworthy quantities. The government safety information is probably derived from a MSDS type document. SDS sheets don't differentiate the relative safety hazards. If you look at an SDS for water, for example, or salt, you'll find it can also be fatally toxic.

Medical equipment is usually sterilized by irradiation.

This is not to say there may not be other actual toxins or pathogens on these swabs. I wouldn't trust them, and I would never allow myself or a loved one to be swabbed.

WaffleStaffel said...

This reminds me of the "toxic disinfectant gas" article that went around a few weeks ago. The substance (propylene glycol) was falsely/improperly equated with polyethylene glycol. It is the same substance used in disco fog machines and e-cigarettes. I've personally inhaled over two gallons of the stuff over the last few years since quitting tobacco, and my lungs have never been healthier.

It's actually a very good idea in the event of a *real* pandemic, as it was discovered long ago that an imperceptibly slight fog of propylene glycol in hospitals virtually eliminated airborne infections (and maybe surface, I don't remember). Adverse reactions are statistically insignificant. Reactions to ingestion or skin contact are not unknown, but rare (I have personally experienced eventual skin sensitization, but was also ingesting a significant amount daily as it was in a medication I was taking).

I believe the issue comes down to 1) a legitimate need for such a protocol, and 2) the need for informed consent before mass "medicating" people in everyday environments. I'm just a stickler for accuracy. Sounding the alarm over exceedingly benign things doesn't do the cause any good.

As an aside, the company marketing the fog substance is trying to obscure what the substance is by using a different name for a commonly known product, and I have no doubt the company is owned as yet another arm of the usual suspects, not wanting to miss an opportunity to make a buck.

WRT to the ethylene oxide, I'm now curious as to why irradiation is not being used, as there should be nothing on a plain fiber swab which would not survive irradiation.

"Ethylene oxide is one of the most commonly used sterilization methods in the healthcare industry because of its non-damaging effects for delicate instruments and devices that require sterilization, and for its wide range of material compatibility.[101] It is used for instruments that cannot tolerate heat, moisture or abrasive chemicals, such as electronics, optical equipment, paper, rubber and plastics."

Thinking....... said...

Good information. Thanks.
I am not sure how dangerous that stuff might be. The swabs come from China so I am not to trusting of anything they would send out to other countries. Since the swabs go up the nose oh so close to the brain, it may be a problem Then again maybe not.

Then there is the fact they are used more then once. In some places a couple of times a week or a couple of times a month, which could make it cumulative. So as they say time will tell if there is an impact on anyone. I think anything that comes from China should be looked at from all angles.

I will never have one of those things up my nose either. Some have had tissue punctured. Not a good thing. They shoved it to far.

One little baby died. The swab broke and it got stuck up his nose. They had to do surgery to get it out and the little tyke didn't make it. All he had was a fever. No sniffles or anything. They just had to test for covid though. Had they not gone there in panic mode, the little guy would still be alive.