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World Protests against Lockdown measures


31.01. Anti Corona DEMONSTRATION - Wien - Vienna - Beč - HEUTE - TODAY - Nikola Radin Way 



Anti Corona Demonstration in Vienna from 31.1.2021 Anti Corona - Government - Measures - Walk on 31.1.2021 


Demo 31.1.2021, Vienna, Jenny in action, arrests, breakthrough attempt Big demo in Vienna on 31.1.2021. Here, Jenny, arguably the bravest activist of the Vienna C-critic movement. She was arrested but released. Characteristic of this demo was the encirclement from the beginning, blockade and fragmentation of the demo. You probably didn't want a closed demo train over the ring.


Chaos at Corona demo: "Shortly must go! Sin must go!" Although demonstrations were banned over the weekend, about 5,000 people came to Vienna's city centre to protest against the Corona measures. We were there with our video team. Jan 31, 2021


 Police Walking in solidarity with the protesters in Vienna.

 January 31, 2021  

Direct Link to video

Austria: Anti-lockdown protesters gather in Vienna amid protest bans Jan 31, 2021 Austria's third strict coronavirus lockdown, which includes the closure of all non-essential businesses and a restriction on movement, was recently extended until February 7



Vancouver Art Gallery - CTV Studios PCR Test TRUTH RALLY that was held on Saturday, January 30, 2021 Plus: RAH provides background and context 

 "Boots on the Ground" report from the Vancouver Art Gallery PCR Test Truth Rally


 France: Protesters march against Global Security Bill in Nantes Jan 31, 2021


France: Hundreds rally against planned Amazon warehouse in Fournes Jan 30, 2021 

Hundreds of people gathered in the southern France town of Fournes on Saturday to demonstrate against the planned construction of a new Amazon warehouse. Activists were seen rallying on the site where the US company plans to build a 38,000-square-metre (400,000-square-feet) facility. Activists were seen holding signs and chanting 'Amazon neither here nor anywhere.' "If this project goes through here, more than 1,000 lorries will pass by here every day. This will make the life of people living in the area absolutely impossible," said one activist. "If the government and parliament don't do anything, we will be there to make those projects fall down." 
 Around 200 people also demonstrated outside an Amazon facility in the Nantes suburb of Carquefour on Saturday, according to reports. SOT, Activist (French): "Amazon is pushing us in the climatic wall. Amazon, with all the projects they are developing in France - 35 projects in the next few years, will import more that two billion products, while we are only 67 million people in France."
SOT, Activist (French): "If this project goes through here, more than 1,000 lorries will pass by here every day. This will make the life of people living in the area absolutely impossible." 
SOT, Activist (French): "Amazon destroys many more jobs than the ones it creates. We have numbers, that economist have studied, not alternative economists like you can hear on TV, it's people who have worked for OCDE."
SOT, Activist (French): "That's why your presence is very important here and everywhere in France. If the government and parliament don't do anything, we will be there to make those projects fall down. Because the word of tomorrow starts today. It starts here." 
SOT, Activist (French): "What we want to do with this area is a window of our territory, of the entrance of the future regional park. This area shouldn't be sacrified for a logistic industry, but the opposite. It should be a link between our territories, of our agricultural, natural and cultural heritage. It should be a link between our generations, between our villages. A area of exhange, of sharing like we do today. Thank you to all of you, may the struggle continue." 

Denmark: Protesters denounce COVID restrictions in torch-lit Aarhus march Jan 31, 2021 

Hundreds turned up for a torchlight protest in the Danish city of Aarhus to slam COVID-19 restrictive measures. 


The Netherlands: Fresh clashes break out between anti-curfew protesters and police

Jan 26, 2021

Anti-lockdown protests continue in Rotterdam on Monday, January 25, after the Netherlands saw a weekend of country-wide riots. 


 Anti-curfew protesters clash with police in Eindhoven.

 Jan 25, 2021
 Police use tear gas and protesters throw rocks in the Police use tear gas and protesters throw rocks in the Dutch city of Eindhoven after a demonstration against a new curfew to curb the spread of Covid-19 in the Netherlands degenerated into clashes.


Bailiffs on Wednesday started evicting activists who have dug a 30 metre (100 foot) tunnel near London's Euston station in a bid to block construction of the H2S high-speed rail link.

 Jan 27, 2021 
 Members of the HS2 rebellion group, which created the project, were seen climbing onto wooden platforms in trees at Euston Square Gardens as enforcement officers moved in to remove activists from the site, which is needed for the construction of the project according to the HS2 company. "The HS2 company across England, at (the) cost of £1 billion (€1.13 billion/$1.37 billion) a mile, they've ripped down - to my knowledge - 116 ancient woodlands. They've destroyed it, they ripped it," said HS2 Rebellion activist Sara. The operation to evict the activists reportedly stalled later on Wednesday. HS2 is a high speed rail link which will connect London, Birmingham, the East Midlands, Manchester and Leeds, at a cost of some £106 billion (€119 billion/$145 billion), according to estimates given in a government report in 2019, with the first stage linking London to Birmingham expected to be completed between 2028 and 2031. 


30,000 Italian Restaurants Defy Lockdown Rules They opened up

At a protest in Alberta, Canada

Ex Police officer speaks out on abuse in Care homes



Dictator Newsom Ends California Lockdown!?! What You Need To Know 


He is telling the truth about Newsom, just not in the normal way. Enjoy. Everyone needs some fun new,s every now and then, Newsom going down makes me laugh. 

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Newsm the lockdown lunatic.

 Jan 27, 2021



Special Guest Nick Tying In 5G, MrNA And The Great Reset!

 They talk about the vaccines. The vaccines might alter the brain. 


 Links they used.

Direst link to above video 

 The FCC is using research/studies from 1996 11,000 pages of evidence proving wireless is not safe

Court Case: 5G Impacts on Health. Massive Scientific Evidence Ignored by FCC There is a mountain of information

 Thousands had side effects from Covid Vaccine

 Covid Lawsuits against Governments


 PCR Covid 19 Tests are Worthless











Saturday, January 30, 2021


 January 31, 2021

Wallstreet is fighting back by halting trades and screaming for regulation in the face of what they call dangerous market manipulation by users of the Subreddit “WallStreetBets”. The popular trade medium of choice was Robinhood but the company decided to take the side of their Wallstreet overlords and ban any trading of $GME $AMC $BB $BBBY and others in an attempt to control “market volatility”. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Tim Picciott of The Liberty Advisor about the memestock wars, how the institutions are dealing with it and where this may go from here! Spoiler alert…#EndTheFed 


Direct link

The Bank is not owned by the US government.  

Who the present day owners are, is probably the same ones in the beginning.



The short title of the Act of December 23, 1913, ch. 6, 38 Stat. 251, shall be the “Federal Reserve Act.”

(Dec. 23, 1913, ch. 6, § 1 (par.), 38 Stat. 251.)

Federal Reserve Act

 On June 4, 1963, a little known attempt was made to strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the government at interest.

 President John F.Kennedy, The Federal Reserve And Executive Order 11110


















Ex Police officer speaks out on abuse in Care homes

 He says it all



This is what is now happening in the US and other countries like Canada. Thsoe using the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.  




 Check it out and see how many side effects have been reported due to the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. It is pretty shocking. it will give you an idea of how things will be world wide. The VAERS site. Check it out and see how many side effects have been reported due to the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. It is pretty shocking. it will give you an idea of how things will be world wide. The VAERS site

What happens there happens anywhere those vaccines are used.  


Thousands had side effects from Covid Vaccine 

 Now go listen to what WHO is saying about Vaccines. Vaccine pushers is all they are.

 Yes, #TheGreatReopening is happening as we speak. No, it will not be televised (or even YouTubed). Find out the details as James highlights the resistance movements that are rising up around the world on this week's edition of #SolutionsWatch.


In Scotland a family was terrorized by the police over being suspected of having people in their home! In the UK Boris the tyrant extends the lockdowns yet again! It is time for the people to stand up and fight this tyranny!!

 The Video link is in the article














Thursday, January 28, 2021

Vaccine Injury Reporting Systems ‘Utterly Inadequate,’ Independent Researchers Say

 From January 19, 2021

New peer-reviewed study of adverse events following MMRV vaccines highlights the urgent need for independent research on vaccine safety and the importance of informed consent and vaccine choice.


Sunday, January 24, 2021

A Drastic Drop In Infant Deaths Coincides With Drop In Vaccinations!


During COVID Lockdown, Vaccine Rates Dropped — So Did the Number of SIDS Deaths




 Direct link to video


The CDC must open its Vaccine Safety Datalink to the public so we can better understand the link between fewer childhood vaccines during the pandemic and the drop in reports of adverse events, including infant mortality.

EU States Look To China And Russia For Covid Vaccines

 Well this is interesting.

January 24, 2021

AstraZeneca doesn't seem to be able to fill the orders for the depop shots and now some member sates of the EU are looking to China and Russia to fill this void. What could possibly go wrong?


 Direct Link to video


Links to the video stories. 

 About the vaccines

Boosting you immune system


 The Chinese Communist Party’s Global Lockdown Fraud----Request for expedited federal investigation into scientific fraud in COVID‑19 public health policies 

A must read.


 Vaccine side effects. This gets updated a Lot.





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11,000 Pages of Evidence Filed in Landmark 5G Case Against the FCC, Hearing Set for Jan. 25, 2021

 Update January 27, 2021

Judge to FCC: ‘I am Inclined to Rule Against You’

During oral arguments Monday in CHD’s landmark case against the FCC, Judges appeared skeptical of the FCC's support for its own findings that cellphones and other connected devices pose no risks to human health.

 Children’s Health Defense (CHD) held a press conference Tuesday regarding oral arguments Monday in its landmark case against the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. (Video is at the site-link is below The FCC are using research from 1996. Before a lot of wireless came into being- Be sure to check out the video)

Judges Karen Henderson, Patricia Millett and Robert Wilkins sat on the D.C. Circuit panel. Judge Wilkins, a chemical engineer by training, told the FCC, “I am inclined to rule against you.”

Judge Millet consistently pushed the FCC to answer why the FCC and/or the U.S. Food and Drug Administration didn’t review the evidence on non-cancer effects of wireless technology; why they addressed only cell phones when there is evidence on effects from various other devices and infrastructure; and why they didn’t address the cumulative effects from the chronic exposure for numerous devices.

At the end of the hearing, the panel ordered the FCC to file supplementary evidence detailing the existence and composition of the two U.S. Food and Drug Administration working groups by the end of the next business day.

CHD’s case challenges the FCC’s refusal to review its 25-year-old obsolete wireless “health guidelines” and to adopt scientific, biologically based radio frequency emissions rules that adequately protect public health from wireless devices and infrastructure, including 5G. The petitioners filed 11,000 pages of evidence at the hearing.

“This is a landmark case and it is of the utmost importance to Children’s Health Defense,” said the CHD’s Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

“The overwhelming experimental and human evidence which the FCC has ignored leaves no doubt that wireless technology is a major contributory factor to this epidemic. The FCC has shown that its chief interest is protecting the telecom industry and maximizing its profits. Its position, as put forward in its brief, and as we saw today in court, is simply indefensible.”

Children’s Health Defense and the Environmental Health Trust filed separate cases against the FCC, but filed joint briefs. While Environmental Health Trust has been represented by attorney Ed Meyers, because of a court decision that only one attorney would be allowed to present in the oral arguments, Scott McCollough, CHD’s attorney, argued for both organizations.

 The court part.

Video: Radio Frequency Radiation and 5G Impacts on Health. Massive Scientific Evidence Ignored by FCC

 Listen to oral arguments in the case in the video at the site.

 Links to the Scientific Evidence, Court Cases, Personal Testimony Presented in the Case are all at the link below as well.

11,000 pages of evidence is there.  Do share with others.


For more information on 5G and Other wireless.

  Environmental Health Trust EHTRUST.ORG

After the FCC last month found no evidence of harm caused by wireless technology, CHD and other groups sued — and included 11,000 pages of evidence refuting the FCC’s conclusion.

For decades, the public has been told there is no evidence that wireless technology is harmful. Claims of 5G harms have been dismissed as “conspiracy theory.”

A landmark case against the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) contests these statements and asserts that the harms are proven and that an epidemic of sickness exists.

Recently, the leading environmental and health advocacy organizations that filed the case submitted 11,000 pages of evidence in support of their claims. (Links to the evidence are provided below).

The case is being heard by the U.S. Courts of Appeals of the DC Circuit. Oral arguments are scheduled for Jan. 25 at 9:30 a.m. EST. The public can listen to it on YouTube.

In December 2019, the FCC closed an inquiry it initiated in 2013 in which the commission asked the public to submit comments to the inquiry’s docket as to whether or not the FCC should review its 1996 health guidelines for Radio Frequency (RF) radiation emitted by wireless devices and infrastructure.

About 2,000 comments — an exceptionally large number — were filed with the FCC. These comments were filed by scientists and science organizations, such as the BioInitiative and EMF Scientist, by doctors and medical organizations, by cities, such as Boston and Philadelphia, and by hundreds of individuals including parents of children who were injured by this technology. The comments referenced thousands of studies showing clear and profound evidence of harm.

Nevertheless, the FCC order, published on Dec. 4, 2019, concluded there is no evidence that wireless technology causes harm, and no need to review the guidelines. The FCC decision didn’t provide an analysis of the science, disregarded the evidence of sickness and didn’t defend its decision with evidence.

Consequently, two lawsuits were filed against the FCC. One by the Environmental Health Trust (EHT) and Consumers for Safe Cell Phones, and one by the Children’s Health Defense (CHD) and additional petitioners including Prof. David Carpenter who is the co-editor of the BioInitiative Report, the most comprehensive review of the science by 29 leading scientists and public health experts.

CHD’s case was also joined by physicians who see the sickness in their clinics and by parents of children who have become sick with radiation sickness. One petitioner is a mother whose son died from a glioblastoma, the same brain tumor that killed Beau Biden, President Joe Biden’s son.

The petitioners of both the EHT and CHD cases filed joint briefs. They argued that, considering the overwhelming evidence that was submitted to the FCC’s docket, and since the FCC’s order lacked evidence of reasoned decision-making, the FCC violated the Administrative Procedures Act and that the commission’s decision is capricious, arbitrary, abuse of discretion and not evidence-based.

The petitioners also argued that the FCC violated the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) because the Agency failed to consider the environmental impacts of its decision, and didn’t comply with the 1996 Telecommunications Act (TCA) because it failed to consider the impact of its decision on public health and safety.

The Opening Brief was filed by petitioners on July 29, 2020. The FCC filed its brief on Sept. 22, 2020; and the petitioners filed their Reply Brief on Oct. 21, 2020.

The court has ordered that in the oral arguments scheduled for Jan. 25, only one attorney will present the case for all the petitioners. It allocated 10 minutes for oral arguments for the petitioners as well as for the FCC.

EHT and CHD have agreed to have CHD’s attorney, Scott McCullough, former Assistant Texas Attorney General and a seasoned telecom and administrative law attorney, present the petitioners’ joint argument.

The three-judge panel in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit that presides over the case includes the Honorable Karen Henderson, Patricia Millett and Robert Wilkins.

EHT is represented by attorney Edward B. Myers, who intervened in the successful case against the FCC with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and several Native American tribes when the court upheld the relevance of NEPA in FCC proceedings.

The NRDC filed an amicus brief in the case. An amicus brief was also filed by the Building Biology Institute, and by an executive from the telecom industry, Joe Sandri. Sandri’s brief included a statement of Dr. Linda Birenbaum, director of the National Institute of Environmental and Health Services (NIEHS) from 2009-2019, stating that the evidence of carcinogenic effects of wireless technology has been established.

The evidence referenced in the case shows profound harmful effects and widespread sickness from wireless technology. The evidence (called the “Joint Appendix”) was recently filed and includes 11,000 pages of scientific and human evidence, yet, it is only the tip of the iceberg.

In this type of case only evidence that was submitted to the FCC’s docket can be used. There s much evidence that wasn’t submitted.

The Joint Appendix contains 440 documents. The table of contents alone is 54 pages. Because of the sheer volume of evidence, it had to be divided into 27 volumes. The court requires seven sets of the Joint Appendix, and therefore, 189 binders each containing approximately 500 pages were shipped to the court. The printing and shipping costs for the Joint Appendix amounted to more than $15,000.

The Joint Appendix includes references to thousands of peer-reviewed scientific studies showing DNA damage, reproductive harm, neurological effects such as ADHD, and radiation sickness, which seems to be the most widespread manifestation of wireless harms.

The evidence shows effects on the brain, including impaired blood flow and damage to the blood-brain barrier, cognitive and memory problems and effects on sleep, melatonin production and mitochondrial damage. Causal mechanism of harm was also established. Oxidative Stress, a mechanism of harm that can lead to cancer, non-cancer conditions and DNA damage, was found in 203 out of 225 studies.

Unlike industry statements, both the majority of the studies and the weight of the evidence leave no doubt that the harms are proven.

The Joint Appendix also includes reports of leading expert scientists such as the BioInitiative Report; opinions of medical associations such as the California Medical Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics; appeals of leading expert scientists; U.S. government agencies’ reports (U.S. Access Board, NIBS, the Department of Interior, U.S. Navy, the Military, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; government studies including the recent National Toxicology Program (NTP), a $30 million study that found clear evidence of cancer and DNA damage; as well as acknowledgement of harm by U.S. government agencies and scientists contradicting the FCC position.

In December 2020, the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NAS) issued a report determining that the most likely cause of the symptoms suffered by the U.S. diplomats in Cuba and China is Radio-Frequency (wireless) weapons. The NAS was appointed by the Department of State. The report references much of the same evidence filed in the case against the FCC.

The NAS invited Prof. Beatrice Golomb, M.D., Ph.D., to present to the committee. Golomb’s 2018 paper was the first to show that pulsed RF is the most likely explanation for the diplomats’ symptoms. She pointed out the diplomats likely suffer from the same condition experienced by growing segments of the population from wireless technology known as radiation sickness/ microwave sickness/ electrosensitivity. Golomb’s paper was referenced in the case.

Hundreds of testimonials of people who have become sick like the diplomats and statements of doctors were filed to the FCC’s docket. The petitioners argued that the FCC guidelines that deny sickness are being used to deny accommodation for the injured, in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Nevertheless, the FCC denied the evidence, the sickness and did not address the accommodation issue. For those who have been injured this case has profound consequences.

“Environmental Health Trust has worked for over a decade to protect the public from radiofrequency radiation, testified to Congress and published critical research on why children are more vulnerable,” said Devra Davis Ph.D., MPH, president and founder of Environmental Health Trust. “The FCC has ignored our extensive submissions to the FCC over the years which clearly document harm. As the legacies of lead, asbestos, and tobacco teach us, this issue deserves the immediate attention of our federal government in order to protect our children’s healthy future.”

“This is a landmark case and it is of the utmost importance to the Children’s Health Defense which works relentlessly to eliminate the epidemic of sickness in children,” said the organization’s chairman, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. “The American public has been poorly served by the FCC. The FCC’s guidelines are decades-old and are based on scientific assumptions that were proven false. Its failure and disregard of public health is evident in the growing and widespread conditions involving brain damage, learning disabilities, and a host of complex neurological syndromes.”

Kennedy added: “The overwhelming experimental and human evidence which the FCC has ignored leaves no doubt that wireless technology is a major contributory factor to this epidemic. The FCC has shown that its chief interest is protecting the telecom industry and maximizing its profits, and its position as put forward in its brief is simply indefensible.”

The oral arguments are the final stage of this case. After the hearing, all that will be left is to wait for the court’s decision, said Dafna Tachover, director of CHD’s Stop 5G and Wireless Harms Project, who has initiated and led the case for CHD. “We have invested significant resources in this case and all of us worked very hard for the past 13 months. We believe that we have a strong case. Now it is up to the court. As William Wilberforce, who fought slavery said, ‘You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you didn’t know.’”

Link to Joint Appendix 27 volumes:

Volume 1; Volume 2; Volume 3; Volume 4

Volume 5; Volume 6; Volume 7; Volume 8

Volume 9; Volume 10; Volume 11; Volume 12

Volume 13; Volume 14; Volume 15 ; Volume 16

Volume 17; Volume 18; Volume 19; Volume 20

Volume 21; Volume 22; Volume 23; Volume 24

Volume 25; Volume 26; Volume 27

How to access the oral arguments online

The oral arguments are Jan. 25 9:30 a.m. EST, however according to the schedule, 2 other cases are scheduled for the same time and they will be heard ahead of our case. Hence, most likely, our oral arguments will not start before 10:20 a.m. EST.

You can listen to the hearing here.


 If anyone want's insight into the Locksoens and how they came to be. All based on fraud of course. Add to that the trolls you find online cheering the lockdowns, wearing of masks etc is also covered. They of course were not the only ones sent out online to do that. Even the UN did that one. Among, lord only knows how many others were sent out, to cheer it all on.

Those cheer leaders were paid trolls, as I call them.  They were sent out in droves, to make it look like people wanted the lockdowns, mask wearing, vaccines etc. That is one of the old tricks, they used for years, for many things even to cheer on wars among many other things. 

Then thee are the none experts driving the agenda. Boy were they not experts.  The more you read the more you shake your head. This covers a lot of territory. Very well written. 

Some people got together did up a letter and sent it to different agencies asking them to investigate. If you hear of any investigations being done, do let me know. Just put the information in the comment section.

Request for expedited federal investigation into Lockdown Fraud


 A connection between 5G and Covid 19


5G was developed by the Israelis and US for crowd control










Tuesday, January 19, 2021

120,000 Care Home Staff Refuse Covid Vaccines


120,000 Care Home Staff Refuse JAB


Good thing they said no to it.  Some very horrific things are happening to people, who take those vaccines.

Thousands had side effects from Covid Vaccine 






Sunday, January 17, 2021

30,000 Italian Restaurants Defy Lockdown Rules They opened up


Italian Police tell patrons to leave, they all start singing ‘FREEDOM and OUT’ and refuse. 

Police in the video tell patrons to leave, they all start singing ‘freedom’ and refuse. The people of Italy have acted in unison and have been heard. Italian businesses including bars, restaurants and gyms have opened their doors in protest of the national lockdown restrictions that require them to remain closed until further notices. 


Restaurants DEFY LOCKDOWN ORDERS In Italy! - Crowds Chant "FREEDOM!" 


30,000 Italian Restaurants Defy Lockdown Rules 

If it will not open then click the blue box or use a different browser. 

Restaurateurs in Mexico City defy lockdown

(12 Jan 2021) More than three weeks into Mexico City's second lockdown, some restaurateurs ignored official warnings and opened limited seating Monday under the slogan "Open or Die." Business owners said they have already burned through savings, renegotiated leases and reduced employees' hours, all the while operating at a loss. They had regained some footing by fall as the public gained a degree of comfort with eating out in reduced-capacity restaurants. Now employers have fewer options beyond laying off workers. "We're at the limit," said restaurateur Giulliano Lopresti, who reopened his Argentine restaurant, Quebracho, Monday. Lopresti said his restaurants make fewer than 3% of their usual sales with takeout, their only legal option in which restaurants can operate. He published an open letter explaining his reasons for reopening and started an online signature campaign to pressure the government. The Mexican government has not provided extended or permanent assistance to small businesses, or tax brakes, policies that owners like Lopresti condemn. Restaurant associations have proposed guidelines that would allow them to operate, including reduced capacity and schedules, similar to the government's policies until mid-December. Carlos Weinberger, eating in Quebracho on Monday, said restaurants should not be singled out among other businesses. "I believe that we all have the right to live, both those who are sick and those who want to work, either we die of coronavirus or we die of hunger," he said. 




WATCH: Over 10,000 Protesters in Vienna March Against Coronavirus Restrictions


100's Of Polish Business's To DEFY Lockdown 


 Czech restaurants & pubs open in defiance of Covid-19 rules, owners to launch ‘political movement’ to circumvent restrictions













Tuesday, January 12, 2021

UK: MHRA awarded over £980,000 for collaboration with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Health Organisation

 How many in the UK know about this? It does say the UK gov is in the Gates and WHO's back pockets for sure.  They have been for some time. 

MHRA awarded over £980,000 for collaboration with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Health Organisation

MHRA today announced a partnership worth over £980,000 to improve the safety monitoring of medicines in low and middle-income countries.


We are delighted to announce a new partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Health Organisation that aims to extensively improve the safety monitoring of medicines in low and middle-income countries (LMIC).

New medicines and vaccines, for diseases such as malaria and HIV, may be introduced for the first time in LMIC’s where there are weak or no regulatory systems in place for effective safety monitoring. These new treatments have been developed with urgent public health needs in mind and therefore the need to gather and analyse information quickly on their safety and effectiveness is important. The healthcare and regulatory systems in these settings may often lack the tools, training and capacity to operate a robust safety monitoring system. Whilst great progress has been made with many of LMIC’s now involved as members of the World Health Organization Program for International Drug Monitoring, the experience in collecting, assessing and acting on adverse reaction data, and risk management planning is limited.

Without an effective system, public health programs are at risk and patients may be affected, should they suffer from adverse drug reactions (ADRs) which are not promptly identified and treated. This can consequently undermine the program and result in a loss of trust in the product or a vaccine. Ultimately, this may lead to lower uptake and therefore, the disease not being effectively treated.

WHO and the Gates Foundation have launched ‘Project Smart Safety Surveillance’ (also known as Project 3-S) to help LMIC’s identify, assess, and adequately manage the risks associated with new products. MHRA will be joining this initiative to bring regulatory expertise to the project. This will be for a 3-year period where it is intended to run three pilot exercises in different LMIC settings.

Dr Ian Hudson, Chief Executive Officer at MHRA said:

We are delighted to be involved in such an important global initiative. New drugs and vaccines are being brought to the market for the first time in public health programmes in settings where the safety monitoring and regulatory systems need strengthening. The expertise we can bring to the project will help national safety monitoring centres identify risks and benefits early and take appropriate regulatory action to support global heath.

Dr Dan Hartman of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation said:

The Triple S project is vitally important to the success of public health programmes to combat some of the world’s major diseases. When a new medicine or vaccine is being used it is critical that potential risks are identified early and well understood. The involvement of MHRA in this project will ensure scientific and regulatory expertise are developed within the national centres.

Dr Ian Hudson discusses a new partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Health Organisation



89 Year Old Lady Has More Intelligence Than The Majority Of Face Nappy Wearing Younger People

 She is smarter then the Government ti,





People are dieing from the vaccines. Many are older people just like that woman above.

Thousands had side effects from Covid Vaccine 


The president of Uganda has banned Facebook in Uganda