Saturday, October 24, 2020

Some Videos are Messed up in some Browsers.Not sure how many

 So if you are using certain browsers you might have a problem viewing some videos that are embeded.

This might have been done, when it was hacked. 

Before it was hacked the videos were fine here.

This may also be happening at other sites or blogs as well. 

So until BNT can find the coding, that was changed, we all need to be aware and warn our visitors about this. 

So the hackers had to have messed with the coding at the site, for this to happen.

This is not the fault of the site BNT itself.  

 Now they looks like this in two browsers. 

This is the Brave Browser.

This is Firefox With Firefox you can still get to the video so not a big problem.

 So for anyone posting the videos from Brand New Tube add the link to the video under the embed code. From Brave you can still get to the site itself. That so far works fine. 

If anyone finds other Browsers are doing things like this, let me know and I will add them to this post. Just leave a message in the comment section.  

Until then you might have to use a different browser then Brave.