Thursday, September 24, 2020

Volunteers in Victoria turned away from helping to search for missing autistic boy, age 14







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Sky News host Andrew Bolt says while some bans and restrictions do save people’s lives, others are pointless, damaging and insane after it was revealed volunteers were turned away by police from helping to search for a missing autistic boy. Mr Bolt spoke of the recent terrible tragedy involving autistic boy William Wall, who had been missing but was later found dead in Victoria on Wednesday. It was confirmed the 14 year-old's body was located in Yarra Junction after Willian had gone missing on Tuesday morning after having gone out for a run. His death is not being treated as suspicious and police will prepare a report for the Coroner. The search for Willam involved Police, SES, volunteers, and other support services. However, during the search for William an Eyewatch - Yarra Ranges Police Service Area post was issued saying "In line with coronavirus restrictions, at this stage we do not require any assistance from the public. "We want to say a big thank you, however for all the offers we have received," the post said. "I know, some bans, some restrictions, social distancing, they do save us," Mr Bolt said. "But you tell me how does a ban on volunteers in the bush, in the open air, looking for a lost boy helped anybody at all," he said. "This is an insane rule, this is a pointless rule, it is a damaging rule". 



Adding to that the virus BS is way over the top. How can you tell a parent a family member to not look for their missing relative or your own child? Odds of getting the virus outside is nil. 

Wake up world, your child could be next.  

How many other stories out there are like these. 

Covid is not killing children, the fools in Governments, world wide, making stupid laws, are killing them.


 This is another needless Death.

Covid death, but not from Covid

 This child died from Covid, but not the way you think. 

This is so sad.


UN Officials Cite Study that Finds Lockdowns, School Closures Killing More Children than COVID

If anyone has stories like there Please add them to the comment section. I know there are thousands of storied like this out there.  
Those stories need to be told. Odds of any main stream media reporting them, are slim to none. They just push the lies and the panic. 

Add to that, if the Autistic child had not had vaccines forced on him to start with he would not have been Autistic to start with. 
I in about 52 children in the US, get Autism from bad vaccines.  
That has been know for some time. 
Again a Government Laws causes many problems for our children, due to their foolishness. 
All that does is make drug companies richer. 
Vaccines all have side effects. Some children die from them. 
Wake up people. Stop believing all the garbage, you are being fed by Governments and the Main stream media.  

Dr Kaufman - Trafalgar Square September 19, 2020




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