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The Bill Gates Agenda part 2

 Update July 19, 2021

Gates, Soros and Buffet are all touted as great philanthropists but we all know they are pure evil controlled by the ones at the top. They have been put in charge of our food, health and much more by a group of people we may never even know! 

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 Update June 24, 2021
Unbelievable! Bill Gates Wants It ALL!
 This video breaks down Google's funding connected to the sickness and what Bill Gates is now doing to "fix" the global food supply chain.
Update June 10, 2021
 Another thing on the Bill Gates wish list.


Update June 1, 2021
RFK, Jr. Interviews Investigative Journalist Whitney Webb on the ‘Deliberate Coverup’ of Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein’s Relationship + More
Update May 25, 2021 

MORE BULL! / Hugo Talks
 Instead of hiring strippers it looks like Bill is hiring fake protesters now.


Update May 19, 2021

Bill Gates Henry Kissinger Depopulation Africa: Paralyzing Vaccine Deaths 47,500 With 50 More Children Recently Paralyzed With Bill Gates Meningitis Vaccine! 

Update  May 15, 2021


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Update May 11, 2021 


Connecting the Dots: Fact Checkers, Gates Funding & Microchips Direct Link 


Bill Gates Lied to Protect Vaccine Makers’ Profits Over Public Health

Gates blamed lack of vaccine production capacity for the failure to get vaccines widely distributed around the world — but that’s not true.

Here's how Bill Gates became "master" of the WHO

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Bill Gates: philanthropist or rascal?

This covers a lot of things about Gates 

The site Translates into 7 languages.

 He has already subjected American children to educational quackery as the main sponsor of Common Core, and has collected more data about you and every American than you can imagine. 


 On the global health front, Gates' activities are as reckless and harmful as his educational programs - perhaps more harmful. 


 Gates' obsession with vaccines also fits into his population control agenda.



The crimes of Tedros Adhanom, director general of the WHO

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The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation played an important role in promotion of Tedros. After their huge investments in health programs in Ethiopia that Tedros had facilitated, the foundation wished to promote similar programs globally and donated billions to WHO for this purpose.

Has The Mainstream Media Finally Turned Against Bill Gates?

Update May 10, 2021

Not long after we pointed out a report from the Daily Beast which traced the tensions in the marriage of Bill and Melinda Gates to Bill's relationship with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, the Wall Street Journal has followed up with more reporting that confirms that Melinda Gates started consulting divorce attorneys as far back as 2019,


Melinda Gates Knows His DARKEST Secrets!



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Nation's First Trial Of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Starts In Florida Keys - Up To A Billion!!


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 Experts Say Humanity Faces a Grim and “Ghastly Future”
Nation's First Trial Of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Starts In Florida Keys
Florida residents claim 'pest control trial' that will release up to a BILLION genetically engineered mosquitos in the Keys to reduce species carrying diseases is 'TERRORISM'

 GMO anything is a big bad. They cause Cancer among many other illnesses. Is anyone seeing a pattern yet.

GMO foods plastered with Round Up has not gone so well. I don't think anyone needs information on that one. It is well known, how bad they are. 

If you ever had the feeling they are attempting to kill us, you would be right.

The GMO Vaccines are killing Thousands and Injuring people for life.  


Bill Gate's Patent For Injected Programmable Drug Delivery System; & NIH Funded Parasite Engineering 


HOLY COW- Bill Gates Just Exposed Himself 




Microsoft Patent For Body Activated Cryptocurrency
System Global As Bill Gates Plans On Global Vaccines




 I am not promoting the vaccine by any stretch of the imagination. They are all bad and harm people even the ones India has made have killed people.  This is just about Gates and how he wants to protect his profits.  They praise Gates way to much.

Krystal Ball: Bill Gates Is LYING TO YOU On Vaccine Patent Protection 

Point of Interest India makes tons of vaccines. 




How the Gates Foundation Writes the News Your Read

Gates certainly knows, how to get others to side with him. He just buys their support.

This is a long read, but certainly worth taking the time to do.  There is a wealth of information in this report.


Bill Gates wants To BLOCK THE SUN 



All of these things can also cause Cancer, among many other illnesses. 

The masks are dangerous 

The testing Swabs are dangerous  

5G is dangerous 

Wireless is dangerous 

A connection between 5G and Covid 19

URGENT! 5 Doctors Agree that COVID-19 Injections are Bioweapons and Discuss What to do About It

Lockdowns are Dangerous

 Request for expedited federal investigation into Lockdown Fraud

Overcoming the Robotic Mind - Why Humanity Must Come Through - An Urgent Message from Julian Rose

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