Monday, April 5, 2021

Doug Ford is threatening people. - Ontario You Can Now Be LAID OFF WITHOUT PAY FOR NOT BEING VACCINATED

 April 11, 2021 Update. 

Doug is getting worse. That is one sick man. So he thinks he can send people to your home and force a deadly vaccine on you.  Those vaccines have killed thousands of people and maimed even more.  There is a link about all of those deaths and injures down a bit.  Doug is threatening about 14 million people.  He wants to commit mass murder.  Time to slam the door on Doug Ford.

The newly revised Employment Standards Act in Ontario now states that an employer can layoff an employee without pay for failing to prove that the employee has received a Covid-19(84) vaccine. Meanwhile vaccine passports are becoming a big brother nightmare reality as the world shifts into a digital realm where your every move will be tracked, traced and databased all in the name of keeping you safe from Covid-19(84). In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth gives a Covid-19(84) update about new Draconian measures in Ontario when it comes to safety in the work place and also “vaccine passports” that are coming down the pike for everyone in the near future! 


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  Corruption-Tragedy - Crisis in Ontario 


Mentally Disabled FORCE VACCINATED in USA 

This wrong on every level. 

We are at a point now, where thousands have died. Forcing anyone to get the vaccines is against the Nuremberg Code.

Thousands had side effects from Covid Vaccine- Deaths and Injuries


Ontario Education Minister calls on Trudeau gov’t for plan to vaccinate students

Canadian Pastor in Calgary Kicks  Policy Enforcers Out Of Church 

Constitutional Right's Centre in Canada video newsletter by Rocco Galati - FULL version of Your Rights to Decline Covid Measures He covers vaccines, masks, and cell phones.

Get rid of cell phones. They track you. You could try to remove all apps from it. Your cell phone just might be the worse thing you can own.


Stats Canada claims lockdowns, not COVID-19, are now driving ‘excess deaths’


Alberta Canada Former Head of Emergency Management critiques Covid-19 response 

This is worth listening to. He sure knows his stuff,  

 Guest host Danielle Smith interviews Lt. Col. David Redman, former head of Alberta's Emergency Management Agency. 

I don't agree with the vaccines however. He would also not know how many are dieing  due to the vaccines at the time this video was made.  It is from Feb 2021.

 Kenny is as insane as Doug Ford.

UPDATED: Kenney puts Alberta back in COVID lockdown for third time

Kenney announced that as of Friday at midnight the province will be returned to Phase 1 of the lockdown processes – meaning an end to things like in-person dining.

Universities, Government and Media prepare for psychological war

Former Pfizer VP to AFLDS: ‘Entirely possible this will be used for massive-scale depopulation’

 There is also a link to the newest Mask recall in Canada they are toxic as well.  Since they are from China they are probably be all over the world.

PCR Swab sterilized with Cancer causing agent 

China has not Isolated the virus, neither has anyone else.