Friday, July 30, 2021

Murder By Injection (COVID Vaccines) and Some History


Murder By Injection (COVID Vaccines) PT. 1: The Illuminati's Depopulation Reduction Program Exposed April 14th, 2021 

We must remember some of the things that happened. This is a reminder of how things were playing out. Many of the clips shown in the video have been censored or deleted by big tech. This video will jog your memory a bit. These days memories have been affected by the fear porn. I remember the New World Order being talked about, when the NAFTA was implemented way back During Brian Mulroney’s time as Canada's PM. September 17, 1984 – June 25, 1993. I remember the press talking about the New World Order a lot back then. Most people would not remember that, Free Trade Agreement. The trade agreement reached by negotiators for Canada and the United States on October 4, 1987, and signed by the leaders of both countries on January 2, 1988. 

 Leading up to that agreement being signed, most of the ad’s on TV promoting the Free Trade Agreement, were payed for by corperations, not the Gov. 

 I also remember that in the first month of the agreement being signed, over 100,000 jobs vanished in Canada and jobs since then have vanished and still do. Jobs also vanished in the US as well. Outsourcing became common. Free Trade was nothing more then a corporate take over of the countries. Corporations had more power then governments. That applies to all free trade agreements world wide. The rich got much richer and the poor got much poorer. Labour Laws were gutted, Employment insurance was gutted and the list goes on. Privatiztion took over in Health Care and many other areas of the economy. Not to anyone's benefit of course. 

Even welfare was gutted. Canada came very close to losing Universal Health Care. A NDP farmer, who had read the agreement got that one stopped. Bless his dear heart. Jobs were outsourced to other countries with cheap labour. 

The price reduction promised by Free Trade commercials has never materialized. As a matter of fact the price of everything has risen. Heat and Hydro being two, where the price has gone up massively by them adding costs, like delivery costs etc on your bills. It use to be you only payed for the gas etc one used. There were no service charges. New so called Energy companies that scammed people, also started to come out of the wood work ripping people off big time. They promised discounts, but as it tuned out their heating and hydro skyrocketed under those contracts. They also offered hot water tank rentals or furnace rentals.

 I know of a few that payed $100 a month to rent a hot water heater. That is insanity. So the cost for a year would be $12,000 a year. If you are renting any of those things, check the price of a gas or electric hot water heater. DUH. Even if you are lucky and pay less then then that you are paying for the rental way over the so called cost of installation and cost of whatever it is. Do the math. How much do you pay say over a ten year period. That is about how long a hot water heater should last. Some last even longer then that. It is just a scam, to steal your hard earned money. 

So the entire agenda was just a scam so corporations could make more profits. Equalization meant lowering our standards, labour laws, wages etc to that of the US. George Bush used Free Trade agreements to force countries to join in the war in Iraq etc. Of course the rich love wars, as they make massive profits from them as well. History can teach us a lot, but unfortunately many do not see  or know about the history of Free Trade agreements and how they are used to manipulate people and countries around the world. 

Anyone born after NAFTA was signed would probably not know any of this information. Any of the older generation that might know have been killed by the so called covid pandemic or the vaccines. They have killed those, who just might remember all of those things. Finding any information about all of this online might be a difficult thing to do, as they wipe out history all the time. Free Trade Agreements are just Corporate take over of countries. 

If you can find all of that History you will learn that about them. Good luck on your scavenger hunt. If you are willing to look that is. 

Today when you look at the so called pandemic, it too is run by drug companies and other corporate profiteers, for profit of course. Seems nothing has changed for the better at all. The strangle hold of Free Trade lives on. Corporations have all the Power. 

So as you listen to this video, keep some of those things in mind. 

A few Canadian PM's have attended the Bildeberg Group meetings.  I use to have a list of them in my files. Unfortunately I lost those files, when my computer at the time died. Some of those files would be over 20 years old, at this point in time. 

If anyone takes on the scavenger hunt and finds anything from way back. Do leave the links in the comment section. Happy hunting.

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