Monday, July 26, 2021

Doctor Bryan Ardis Exposing Massive Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths Gives Update on Lawsuit

 Doctor Bryan Ardis Exposing Massive Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths Gives Update on Lawsuit

 Dr. Bryan Ardis of joins The Alex Jones Show to update his case as he exposes massive deaths tied to the Covid-19 injections.
My conclusions have led me to understand that religion and government are the world problems, the religion of Pharma (Pharmekia – a witches brew), and the collusion of those in power, in fact, they are Kabbalistic religious Oligarchs with their Black stone Kabbalistic Judaism and Kabbalistic Islam also founded on Kabbalah! The Prophets of the ages have warned consistently of this, so this is not the real Jews, but the Synagogue of Satan! This is the dominant world control problem we see now, not just vaccines, but life support systems they want to undermine. They want to poison the food, water, and air and make people sick, then feed the world with Pharma so people think they will get better, while the Kabbal Oligarchs profit all the time! If they cannot vaccinate you, they will poison or destroy the food crops. If that does not work, they will change the weather by spraying the atmosphere, or HAARP! Flood you out, or drought you out! Global warming is all about removing the CO2upon which plants thrive! If plants die, so will animals and us! Spraying the atmosphere with metal and chemicals to block out the sun removes your quotient of Vitamin D from the sun's rays, so you will begin to see their plan is to remove all good things from your reach and depopulate the world. Now, this sounds a bit far-fetched, but if you would only read the Talmud, even in the watered-down English version, you should catch on! OK, let’s tell it like it is, it’s blatant Genocide and Murder in a dystopian way! Maybe you thought the protocols of the elders of Zion were fake, then why do they all have similar tones across the ages? They show the plan! Then remember to add in to the mix all the financial stress by taking away your means to purchase anything and electronic means of system warfare – your bio system! They want to undermine health in any way possible through their lockdown control grid and few people know they are at risk from such practice! This is an attempt to undermine human existence by destroying the health of the people of this world!


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 MAD COW Vaccine - mRNA outside Cells are PRIONS RNA outside of cells are PRIONS. PRIONS are the mechanism, cause of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) or MAD COW disease. Al of the COVID-19 jabs are all RNA, genetic therapy drugs.  

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12 Days after the Pfizer vaccine and she is still alive...sort of anyway Lady from the UK not doing so good. Must need a booster. Source: Unknown Direct Lik


Deaths and Injuries due to Covid vaccines Page 3

They are bring back the flu so they can give you more vaccines. Amazing how they can just bring it back. Then again it was never gone. They just said all those who had the flu etc had so called covid.

Flu pandemic on the way this time 

 Covid-19 Vaccine Program Director Admits Injection Destroys Immune System

 They destroy your immune system so they can give more vaccines. I see a trend here. Profits big time. Trillions of dollars in profits of course. 

Top scientist & Canadian PM announce plan for every person to be forcibly injected 10 times a year!


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 This is a great report from Dr Hoffe in BC Canada

Dr. Charles Hoffe: mRNA Vaccines ‘Will Kill Most People’ Through Heart Failure & 62% Already Have Microscopic Blood Clots


From a 2009 post I did way back when they did another fake pandemic. This part is down a bit in the post.

Baxter had released a seasonal flu vaccine containing the bird flu virus, which would have produced a real world pandemic, to 18 countries.