Tuesday, January 13, 2009

DID YOU KNOW January Archives

The DID You Know site has been messed up or hacked.and the January Archives have been wiped out. This is a list of everything in the January Archives

I am graciously am posting all the links for DID You Know.

Ship with Medical Aid supplies for Gaza Needs “Your” Help.

Israel Violating Egyptian Airspace to attack Gaza

Israel continues to attack Hospitals, Clinics and Public Buildings in Gaza

UK firm blasted for arming Israeli military

Embargo against Israel: Spreading Willingness in the Middle East

Israeli settlers apply for Canadian Visas

Samouni family recounts Gaza horror

US delivering more “Weapons of Mass Destruction” to Israel

79 % of the time: Israel caused conflicts not Hamas

Gaza Reports from: Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières

Norway provides aid to Gaza

Reports from: “Save the Children Canada” Charity in Gaza

US Senate Endorses Israel’s War on Gaza

Jewish Voices Against the Israeli Attacks

Gaza War Why?: Natural Gas valued at over $4 billion MAYBE?

War in Gaza: Israel accused of killing 30 after shelling safe house

Gaza (4): A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Israel killing their own by Using Deadly Weapons of Mass Destuction against Gaza

Israel kills UN driver causing halt to UN Relief Aid in Gaza

Red Cross slams Israel over 4 day wait to access wounded

The making of Israel’s Apartheid in Palestine

Bombs rain down in Gaza as peace deal accepted ‘in principle’

Jan 7: Lebanese children demonstrate for Gaza Children

Jan 7 : India- Protest in New Delhi over Israel raids

Jan 7: Israel’s Gaza invasion provokes protests throughout Latin America

Jan 7: Australian Jews protest against Israel’s action

Jan 7: Canadian Jewish women protesting against Gaza War, Arrested after occupying the Israeli Consulate

Gaza (3): A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Egypt floats truce plan after 42 killed in Gaza School and Bars Doctors from Gaza

Gaza (2): A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Israel strike kills up to 60 members of one family

Gaza (1): A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Israel rains fire on Gaza with phosphorus Shells/Targets UN School

Gaza hospital overwhelmed by dead and wounded

An Open Letter From Jewish Youth in Canada - Support of Gaza

Foreign Press still banned from Gaza/Israel attacks Media Building in Gaza City

Gaza wounded die waiting for ambulances

War on Gaza - Timeline: June 19 2008 to January 3 2009

Gaza: Al-Wafa Hospital received warning they would be shelled

Israel pounds Gaza strip, vows to continue attacks

Will the global economic crisis save or kill NAFTA?

Sunday Jan 4 Reports: Protests in Canada against Attack in Gaza

Sunday Jan 4 Reports: US protests against Attack in Gaza

Sunday Jan 4 Reports: Protests around the World Against Gaza assault

Israeli tanks, soldiers invade Gaza Strip

Lucky few leave Gaza, Israel planned attacks six months ago

Saturday Jan 3 Reports:US protests against Israels attacks on Gaza

SaturdayJan 3 Reports: Canadian Protesters march in support of Palestinians

Saturday Reports on: Demonstrations Against Israels attacks on Gaza, January 3, 2009

YES HE DID is not YES WE CAN: Kibaki Signs Retrogressive Media Bill

National Demonstration: London UK Saturday 3 January

Toronto: January 3, demonstrating against Israeli assault In Gaza

Friday Jan 2 Reports: Muslims around the world protest Gaza assault

Pro-Gaza protest, march set for Saturday Jan 3, in St. Petersburg


If Hamas Did Not Exist

Actions we can take to help Palestinians in Gaza

Indexed List of all Stories in Archives