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Anti-War and Peace Groups World Wide

Vets groups Who want to end War


1. Bring Them Home Now ("not an organization"?)

2. Citizen Soldier

3. Disabled Veterans of America (sort of)

4. Gold Star Families for Peace

5. Iraq Veterans Against the War

6. Military Families Speak Out

7. Operation Truth

8. September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows (sorta vet widows)

9. Veterans Against the Iraq War

10. Veterans for Common Sense (sort of) index.cfm

11. Vets For Justice

12. Veterans for Peace

13. Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity Vet...nals_for_Sanity

14. Vietnam Veterans Against the War

15, Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation (VVAF)

16. Peace Takes Courage veterans.html

17. Vietnam Veterans Against the War Anti-Imperialist.


Quick List Anti-War organaizations


ACTNOW - Australian Capital Territory Network Opposing War (Canberra)

Architects for Peace

Australian Veterinarians against the War (Canberra)

No War: Network Opposing War and Racism (Adelaide)

The No-War Alliance of Western Australia (Fremantle)

Peace Tasmania

Sydney Peace & Justice Coalition

Victorian Peace Network


Platform against War on Iraq (Gent)

Stop United States of Aggression


l'Alliance Canadienne pour la Paix / Canadian Peace Alliance

Artists against War

Coalition against War on the People of Iraq (CAWOPI) (Vancouver)

Coalition in Solidarity with the People of Iraq (CESAPI) (Vancouver)

Mobilization against War and Occupation (MAWO) (Vancouver)

Rooting Out Evil (Vancouver)

Toronto Coalition to Stop the War

War on Terrorism Watch (Canadian Association of University Teachers)


FredsVagt ved Christiansborg

Komiteen for et Frit Irak

Nej til krig

Stop Terrorkrigen!


Ei iskua Irakiin


Amitiés franco-irakiennes

Comites Iraq/Iraq Committees

Le jeu de cartes du régime Bush

Non à la Guerre


Deutsches Solidaritätskomitee Freier Irak

Internationales Tribunal über den Irak-Krieg (ITI)

Netzwerk Friedenskooperative


Irish Anti-War Movement


Campo Antiimperialista

Fermiamo La Guerra all\'Iraq


Wereld Crisis

New Zealand

Peace Movement Aotearoa


Ingen krig mot Irak

Komiteen for et fritt Irak


Justice Not War Coalition


Stop the War


Comite de Solidarida con la Causa Arabe



Nätverket mot krig

Nej till Krig mot Iraq


Coalition contre la guerre

Gruppe Schweiz ohne Armee - GSoA


Peace Initiative/Turkey

Iraq'ta Savasa Hayir


Artists Against the War (London)

Brent Stop the War

Cambridge Solidarity with Iraq (CASI)

Cut It Up

Iraq Occupation Focus (London)

Justice Not Vengeance (JNV) (East Sussex)

Labour Against the War

Media Workers Against War

Military Families Against the War

No War on Iraq Liason

Peace Not War Compilation CD

Scottish Coalition for Justice Not War

Sheffield Stop the War Coalition

SOAS Stop the War (London)

Stop the War Coalition (London)

United for Peace and Justice

United Justice for Peace (Boston)

Voices in the Wilderness: A Campaign to end the Economic Sanctions against Iraq

War Without End Discussion Board

Women in Black


American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)

Baring Witness

Bay Area United Against War

Bring Them Home Now Campaign

Campus Antiwar Network

Chicago Coalition Against War & Racism

Christian Peacemaker Teams

Cities for Peace: A Project of the Institute for Policy Studies - "We are building a coaltion of local officials and concerned citizens to express the will of our communities through civic actions regarding the war in Iraq."

Coalition to Wage Peace: A Voice Against Violence (University of Colorado)


Committee to End the Occupation of Iraq (New Jersey)

CorpWatch: War Profiteers Site

Direct Action to Stop the War (San Francisco)

The Education for Peace in Iraq Center (EPIC)

Educators to Stop the War

Greater Lansing [Michigan] Network Against War & Injustice

Harvard Initiative for Peace and Justice

Historians against the War

The Institute for Southern Studies Campaign to Stop the War Profiteers and End the Corporate Invasion of Iraq

International Action Center New York

International Action Center San Francisco Bay Area

International A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism!)

Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW)

Labor for Peace and Justice (Berkeley)

The Lysistrata Project

Michigan Emergency Committee Against War in Iraq (MECAWI)

Michigan Peaceworks (formerly Ann Arbor Area Committee for Peace)

Military Families Speak Out

National Network to End the War against Iraq

National Youth and Student Peace Coalition

Neighbors For Peace and Justice - Vecinos Para La Paz y La Justicia (Los Angeles)

New Jersey Coalition against War on Iraq

No Draft, No Way!

North Carolina Peace & Justice Coalition

Not in Our Name (NION)

Not in Our Name (NION) - Seattle

NYC Labor Against the War

Peaceful Tomorrows: September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows

Soggy Boot Gang: Snow Shovel Activism in Connecticut

Sound Nonviolent Opponents of War (Puget Sound, Washington)

South Bay Labor for Peace and Justice

South Bay Mobilization (San Jose, California)

Taprock Peace Center (Deerfield, Massachusetts)

Think First!: Countering the Military Presence in Our Schools

Truth Justice Peace: Human Shield Action

United for Peace and Justice

United for Peace and Justice in San Jose

United for Peace of Pierce County [Washington]

U.S. Bombing Watch: Archive of U.S. Bombings, Invasions and Occupations of Iraq (Colorado Campaign for Middle East Peace)

U.S. Labor Against the War

Vermont Network on Iraq War Resolutions (Town Meetings)

Voices in the Wilderness - "is an educational campaign of International A.N.S.W.E.R."

War Resisters League


UK Muslim community news site on the Iraq conflict.

Active Resistance to the Roots of War
A nonviolent direct action affinity group set up in September 1990. Holds weekly vigils outside the Foreign Office calling for the end of economic sanctions on

Bare Witness
Non-affiliated group that holds naked anti-war protests.

Campaign Against the Arms Trade
Group working for the reduction and ultimate abolition of the international arms trade.

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
A non-violent campaign group working to eliminate nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction.

Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases
Campaign raises public awareness, scrutiny and accountability of American bases in the
UK and opposes weapons of mass destruction.

Everyone Counts
Mass letter writing campaign against war.

Gloucestershire Weapons Inspectors
Newly formed group trying to eliminate weapons of mass destruction from Gloucestershire.

Iraq Body Count
Project attempting to establish an independent and comprehensive public database of civilian deaths in Iraq resulting directly from military actions by the USA and its allies in 2003.

Labour Against the War
Labour party and trade union campaign for an end to western military action in response to the events of
11th September 2001.

Medical Action for Global Security
A charitable organisation of health professionals concerned with the health impacts of violent conflict, poverty and environmental degradation.

Muslim Association of Britain
Institution that attempts to spread the teachings and culture of Islam within British society. Supports all global anti-war movements.

Network for Peace
Organisation-based network set up to continue the work of the National Peace Council, one of the oldest peace organisations in the

Our World Our Say
Campaign to put pressure on the British government by sending a message to Tony Blair oppposing war on

Operation Desert Rescue
Non-affiliated group, set up more than 25 years ago to look at the effects of war on children around the world.

Peace Exchange
Quaker anti-war site.

Peace Pledge Union
Independent organisation, established in 1934, working towards creating a just world free from war.

Reclaim the Bases
Organises protests, direct action and civil disobedience.

Rhythms of Resistance
Activist samba band involved in anti-war protests.

Stop the War Coalition
Developed following September 11 under three slogans: stop the war, no to a racist backlash, and defend civil liberties.

Students against the War
First-hand reports from student and school pupil protests, and calendar of forthcoming actions.

Voices in the Wilderness UK
Organisation concerned with the humanitarian crises in
Iraq; breaks the economic sanctions by hand-delivering medical supplies to children's hospitals.

War on Want
Group asking people to sign up to a campaign saying that 'the only war worth fighting is the war on poverty'.

Women praying for peace
A loose organization of women linked by the net, all praying for peace at the same time of day.

Act Together: Women Against Sanctions on Iraq
A group of
UK based Iraqi and non-Iraqi women working against war on Iraq.

North American Sites

101 Ways to Stop the War on Iraq
List compiled by environmental site EarthFuture.

Americans Against Bombing
Conservative/libertarian coalition opposed to US bombing in the
Middle East and Kosovo.

American Friends Service Committee
Multi-faith organisation established by the Quakers in 1917, backing peace building.

Axis of Justice
Us anti-war opinion forum.

Site devoted to keeping tabs on George Bush.

Citizens for Legitimate Government
A pro-democracy activist group established to 'expose the Bush coup d'etat'.

Cities for Peace
Coalition of local elected officials and citizens in US cities encouraging people to email city councils and pass a resolution against the war.

Campaign for Peace and Democracy
Campaign urging people to sign a statement opposing war on

Code pink for peace
Group of women organising vigils for peace and calling for a campaign of civil disobedience if war begins in

Direct Action to Stop the War
Nonviolent civil disobedience and direct action against war.

Duct Tape for Peace
A site urging anti-war protesters to express their views with a duct tape ribbon, duct tape bumper sticker, duct tape banner or sign, or by posting a strip or roll of duct tape to George Bush.

Education for Peace in Iraq
Organisation dedicated to improving humanitarian conditions in
Iraq and defending the human rights of the Iraqi people.

Food Not Bombs
Volunteer organization dedicated to nonviolence.

Fellowship of Reconciliation USA
Nonviolent interfaith group set up in 1915.

Harrass the Brass
Anti-military newspaper produced byradical
US soldiers in Vietnam.

Iraq Peace Pledge
Site to publicly register opposition to war on
Website of the author of Stupid White Men.

A nationwide network of more than 600,000 online activists working to support US citizens in finding their political voice.

Not in Our Name
Group of artists and activists inspiring protest and resistance to the
US government's course in the wake of September 11.

Peace Action
Grassroots peace group.

Ploughshares Fund
Group providing resources to stop the weapons of war, from nuclear arms to landmines.

September 11th families for peaceful tomorrows
An advocacy organisation founded by family members of September 11 victims, seeking effective non-violent responses to terrorism.

Anti-war christian ministry.
Grassroots education and advocacy project founded by Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben and Jerry's.

United for Justice and Peace
National campaign that brings together a broad range of organisations throughout the
US to help coordinate protest against war on Iraq.
A non-political, educational campaign against war and racism and in support of grassroots democracy, including teach-ins, conferences, local and regional events.

Vote to Impeach
Site calling for people to vote electronically to impeach George Bush.

Win Without War
A coalition of national organisations advocating alternatives to pre-emptive war in

Who Dies for Bush Lies?
Created by the Committee to Unsell the War to put the case against war on

Rest of the World

Austrian Social Forum
Austrian anti-war websites.

Cultura contra la guerra
Spanish artists against war.

Electronic Iraq
A news portal on the US-Iraq crisis published by anti-war campaigners Voices in the Wilderness and Middle East supplementary news publishers, the Electronic Intifada

Latvian anti-war group whose name means I am for peace

Greenpeace - Say No War Again
Environmental pressure group's anti-war website.

Green Left Weekly
Australian magazine with anti-war stance.

JustPeace campaign
Zealand Green party anti-war campaign.

Groupe pour une Suisse Sans Armée
The Movement for the Abolition of the Swiss Army wants to abolish the Swiss army, and replace national service with a voluntary, peaceable alternative. Also opposes war on

Human shield mission to Iraq
Convoy of peace campaigners travelling to
Baghdad to act as a human shield.

Ingen Krig mot Irak
Norwegian anti-war site.

Swiss site (in German) organising anti-war demonstrations and with links to other European anti-war sites.

International Answer (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism)
Coalition group calling for worldwide rallies against war and racism.

Irish Anti-War Movement
Anti-war movement supported by
Ireland's Green and Socialist parties; also opposes US army presence in Shannon.

Irish Network for Nonviolent Action Training and Education, an umbrella group supporting people exploring nonviolent approaches to conflict issues.

Military Families Speak Out
Group of families ofmilitary servicepeople taking an anti-war stance.

No to War Against Iraq
German campaign urging people to send one Euro to a special bank account as a vote against a war in Iraq.

Not in our Name Australia
Site asking people to sign a register indicating their opposition to war.

Paremos la guerra
Spanish anti-war site.

Pax Christi
International Catholic Peace Movement with branches throughout the world.

Pax Humana
French anti-war site.

Peace and Progress
Site asking visitors to sign a peace manifesto.

Peace Plan Group
Group dedicated to searching for an apolitical, non-military resolution to the 'war on terrorism'.

Pitstop Ploughshares
Campaign for five Catholic Workers facing court for disarming a
US warplane at Shannonairport Ireland and pouring human blood on the runway.

Australian anti-war campaign

New Zealand-based progressive alternative news site.

Belgian anti-war website.

Stop War Initiative
Polish group opposing war on
Iraq and planning protests on the day of any attack.

Victorian Peace Network
Australian-based network of more than 60 organisations opposed to the war on

Waging Peace
Website of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation.

War Resisters International
Movement sent up in 1921 to promote nonviolent action against the causes of war.

Why War
Group trying to organize, inform, and motivate Americans to question and evaluate the 'war on terrorism'.

Women in black
International peace network that holds silent vigils to protest war and human rights abuses.
Women in Black UK

Women's International League for Peace
Women campaigning for peace since the early 1900's.

World Socialist Website
Internet centre of the International Committee of the Fourth International, which opposes war on
Iraq, and more generally the capitalist market system.

Anti-War Weblogs

Disturbing trends


Stand Down


Common Dreams News Center - breaking news and views for the progressive community

United For Peace - collaboration of national and international peace and social justice organizations and local places of worship, peace centers, and community organizations.

Stop the War Coalition - campaigning against the attacks on Iraq, and for a halt to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Not In Our Name - pledges resist

ance to endless war, detentions and roundups, attacks on civil liberties, and war on Iraq.

TrueMajority - grassroots education and advocacy project of Priorities, Inc. founded by Ben Cohen, co-founder, Ben and Jerry's.

Peace Action - promotes grassroots activism for nucle

ar disarmament, an end to weapons trafficking, a just economy, a democratic foreign policy, and an informed electorate.

Poets Against the War - site hosts thousands of poems for peace. Also has information about antiwar poetry readings.

Military Families Speak Out - an organization of people who are opposed to war in Iraq and who have relatives or loved ones in the military.

Electronic Iraq - offers news and analysis of events in Iraq.

Win Without War - mainstream voice advocating alternatives to preemptive war against Iraq.

Iraq Peace Team - nonviolent activists have been on the ground in Iraq working in tandem with those in the United States and the world who seek to prevent a U.S. attack on Iraq.

AlterNet: War on Iraq - offers news and analysis, activism resources, and more about resisting war with Iraq.

National Network to End the War Against Iraq - nationwide coalition of peace and justice, student, and faith-based organizations.

Direct Action to Stop the War - calling for mass non-violent direct action to protest the U.S.-led war on Iraq.

Cities for Peace - national coalition of local officials and concerned citizens working to express the will of their communities through civic resolutions regarding the war in Iraq.

Another Poster for Peace - copyright-free anti-war art for public use.

Active Resistance to the Roots of War (ARROW) - nonviolent direct action affinity group set up in September 1990, opposing sanctions and military action against Iraq.

Baring Witness - group that undertakes nude and clothed protest actions against the war in Iraq.

Iraq Crisis Antiwar Homepage - project of The Nonviolence Web.

Veterans Against The Iraq War - coalition of American veterans who oppose war with Iraq.

Eyes Wide Open - from the American Friends Service Committee. Multimedia companion to the traveling exhibit honoring the victims of the U.S.-led war in Iraq.

Patriots for Peace - spreading peace visibly. Features information on volunteering and events.

February 15 and 16 Protest Pictures - includes pictures from over 125 anti-U.S./Iraq war protests from around the world.

War With Iraq: Costs, Consequences, and Alternatives - report discusses the costs of going to war with Iraq.

Lysistrata Project@

Iraq Action Coalition (IAC) - online media and activists' resource center for groups and activists who are working to end the war against the people of Iraq.

Gold Star Families for Peace - families of soldiers who have died as a result of war working to bring the country's sons and daughters home from Iraq.

No Blood for Oil - opposed to the Bush administration's plans to increase economic, political, and military influence over the Middle East and its oil resources.

Brushstroke Peace Poster Competition - user-submitted posters advocating peace.

Stop the War - Australia-based site promoting the use of boycotts to protest the U.S. war in Iraq.

No War Sign Project: No Iraq War - creating a visible wall of grassroots opposition to Bush's plan for war in Iraq.

Cut it Up - small group of concerned peace activists who are also Labour Party members in the U.K. and oppose military action against Iraq.

Poets Against the War (UK) - features poetry from people opposed to the war on Iraq.

Iraq Photo Project - people throughout the United States hold up signs to show their feelings about the war in Iraq.

Peace Posters - download and print posters, or submit your own design for others to use.

Pacifica Radio Watch on Iraq - calendar of antiwar and antisanction actions and demonstrations across the United States. - art installation inspired by American soldiers lost in the Iraq War.

St. Patrick's Four - campaign to show solidarity for the four parents who are being tried on charges of federal conspiracy due to their civil resistance to the Iraq War. - mission is to persuade President Bush to meet with Cindy Sheehan and answer her questions about why the war that took her son's life was started and why it is being continued.

Crawford Peace House - seeks to provide a culturally diverse environment in which to explore peaceful alternatives to war.

End The Iraq War - Tom Laughlin of Billy Jack fame has a plan to end the war in Iraq.

101 Reasons not to Invade Iraq - By the Protestants for the Common Good, Clear list from REAL CHRISTIANS, who oppose the invasion

Americans Against Bombing - Excellent antiwar site by Conservatives opposing the Bush War Machine, Analysis, News, great info

Antiwar Links - An excellent Links List of antiwar sites, Huge Links List of Media Sites, From MultiLingual '
Tower of Babel' - News about Human Rights, Environment, US Politics, Top Stories, updated often, search, links

Antiwar Posters - From, Free, high quality antiwar posters to download & print - Six pages of graphics to download as posters, etc. lots of artists contributing

Artists United WWW - News, Long list of member artists, Good antiwar site, Mission, Political Statements, Links

Axis of Justice - Non-profit organization formed by major musicians, to bring together music fans, grassroots citizens for social justice

Behold the Empire - Antiwar site with viewable photo slide show (Graphic War Photos), Protest photos, articles & links

Bermuda for Peace - Antiwar site from Bermuda, photo gallery, links, What you can do, Media Center - Where has all the power gone? Animations - 'At home and abroad', See 69 photos of antiwar protests

*Boycott This! - Excellent antiwar site, 'Connect the Dots' timeline showing Oil IS the Issue, Four Flash Animations, Links

*Boycott War - Campaign for a Global Boycott for Peace, Activist Resources, Acting against corporations allied with Smirk, Links

Braving America - Good small site with commentaries and news, "Eight reasons why the
US invasion of Iraq is flawed"

Britons for peace - Bedford, UK based activist antiwar group, Headlines from The News Insider, Smirk/Hitler facts, Links

California Peace Action - Antiwar Petition, Resources, Nationwide Ad Campaign with photo of Rumsfeld greeting Saddam Hussein

Call to Conscience - To Active Duty Troops & Reservists, A Statement by armed forces veterans, Signatories, Resources, small site

Cities For Peace - A national coalition of local officials & concerned citizens against the war in Iraq, News, Patriot Act 2 Info

Citizens on the Web - Alternative news from Toronto, Canada, Antiwar news, anti-WTO, Web Liberty, Links

Connect the Dots - Three categories of updated News, Who Dies? Who Pays? Who Profits?, Very revealing connections

Cost of the War in Iraq - Over $1000 every SECOND! Compare cost to Kids Health, Public Housing, etc., Free counter for web page

Crimes of War Project - Website in English & Arabic, Very Useful Links, Book is in several languages, human rights, antiwar

Direct Action to Stop the War! - Bechtel fact sheets, Action flyers, targeting corporations who profit from
Iraq invasion

Electronic Iraq - Breaking news,
Iraq news, Analysis, fact sheets, activism, unique information

Eleventh Hour Stories - A call for Global Action, A call for Peacemaking, read 113 different stories submitted by readers

End the Occupation - US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, Photos of the 'apartheid' wall, Action Alerts, Projects

End the War - National Network to End the War Against Iraq, Many Downloads, Petition, Flyer, Smirk Lies, Breaking News, Links

Environmentalists Against War - Stop the War against the Planet & all its Peoples, Info, Action, Media Center, Photos, Many Statements

For Mother Earth - Good antiwar site, Peace, Non-violence, Arms Reduction, Latest News, Action Alerts, Photos, Archives, Links

*Fragments - Excellent non-violence site, antiwar, good links page, personal stories, social change, online 'zine

Global Emergency Alert Response - (GEAR) Is a grassroots campaign to address social emergency, to avert a full scale World War 3

Globalise Resistance - Major UK site bringing together groups & individuals opposed to corporate power, Photos, Big Links List

Groundswell Voters - Opposing the illegal invasion of Iraq, Article Links, Contribute to the PAC

Humanitarian Costs of the Iraq War - Many links to the factual costs, updated often from the

International Action Center - Founded by Ramsey Clark, Former US Attorney General, Antiwar site, Activism, Exposing Corporate Greed

International Action Center, Boston - Good antiwar site begun by Ramsey Clark, Activism, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Many photos & articles

International ANSWER - Act Now to Stop War & End Racism, Major Antiwar & Progressive Activist Site, Calendar, Downloads, Links

International Peace Bureau - Great comprehensive calendar of planned Peace Actions globally, Good list of Progressive Links

Iraq War - From the viewpoint of the Russians, in English, different perspectives on breaking news from the
Iraq war

Iraq War Forum - Interesting English version from Russia, Iraq War Forum with many postings, often by Americans

Irish Antiwar Movement - Good antiwar site from Ireland, Calendar of Events, News Headlines, Resources, Forum, Links

It's Not Over - Good small German site in English, 9-11 Info, Antiwar, Media Bias, Civil Liberties, Flyers to distribute, Archives

Johnny Peaceseed - Very good unique antiwar site, News, Commentaries, Poetry, Archives, Boycotts, Quotes, Links

Justice not Vengeance - Good antiwar site from the UK, Principles, Links, well organized & good info

Justice Not War Coalition - Good antiwar site from the Philippines, Calendar, Forum, Archives, Links

KryssTal - Why did the
USA want "Regime Change" in Iraq?, ALL Phony Reasons itemized & dissected factually, Oil & Economic Control

Kurt Nimmo's Another Day In The Empire - Very Good sma

ll antiwar site, Photos, Good recent comments on News stories, Links

Left Directory - Huge list of Links from the UK separated by category, Progressive, Liberal Sites

Liberal Artists - Site dedicated to the news & views of Liberal Celebrities from all Arts, Articles by Harrison Ford, Tom Hanks, others

LMNOP - Lake Merritt Neighbors Organized for Peace, Good antiwar site, Many photos of worldwide demonstrations

March For Justice - Very good site, Calling for Justice & Human Rights for All, Iraq, Afghanistan, Rachel Corrie, Palestinians, Links

Massachusetts MoveOn - Activists & activism, for justice, peace, & a democratic world, Photos, Links,

Media Workers Against War - Top News Stories, Top 40 Smirk Lies about the Iraq war, News the pro-war media ignores, Links

Medical Association for Prevention of War - MAPW Australia, Good antiwar site, very good progressive Links

Metaphoria - An International Newsletter, Excellent Commentaries, Topics of Reflection & Discussion, Links

Military Families Speak Out - Representing the families of military personnel opposed to the illegal Iraq invasion, Photos, Links

My - Updated Daily with many links to Selected News & Articles especially about Iraq, Archives, Large Site

New Internationalist Magazine - Online version, Large antiwar site, well organized, Good essays on Corporate Fraud, War Issues - Antiwar affiliate of Voter March, Animations, Videos, Cartoons, News Links, 8 Animation Links

No Mo Wo (No More War) - Large number of Topics in Very Good and active Forum, many antiwar views & facts

No To War - French antiwar site in English version, Activism, Info, Articles, Contacts, Many Links

No War! - Very good antiwar site from
Spain, in English, The Very Best Links to Global Antiwar Website

Occupation Watch - Ongoing monitoring from
Baghdad, Eye on the Occupation, Antiwar site (also in Arabic), Links

One Voice for Peace - Over 38,000 signatures of sponsors to express antiwar concerns, TV actors included

Patriots for Peace - Very good antiwar activism site, Daily News, Photo Albums to view, Commondreams article links, Many Links

PatriotX - Very good antiwar site, Historical Info, Articles, Editorials, Op-Ed Letters, Forums, Images, Satire, Good Links

Peace Action - America's largest long-term established peace organization, Headlines, Take Action, A Few Links

Peace and Security Funders Group - Huge List of Links to Peace & Security Websites, (NGO's, Universities, Govt. Agencies)
Peace Channel - Furthering the cause of World Peace through Music & Information, Interviews with Palast, Chomsky, Essays, Forum

Peace Flags - Good small antiwar site, several Flags for sale, also as T-Shirts, Links to Articles, Links, Message Board

Peace Magazine - Monthly Online Magazine, Focus on Non-Violent Resistance to War & similar policies, Links, Archives

Peace Movement Aotearoa - A New Zealand national antiwar networking site, Activist Alerts, Archives, Links

Peace - Best calendar of protests organized by CITY, current future antiwar actions are listed, antiwar NEWS, organizations

People for Peace - Good informational site opposing war, quotes, links to resources for peace, Kidz for Peace

Peoples Video Network - Largest Number of Progressive Videos for sale on the Web, Great progressive links list, Antiwar Videos

Perceval Press - Several good books on progressive & antiwar themes, Many Links, Recommended Book List

*Post 9-11 Timeline - Updated Breaking News, Forum Posts, Many subjects, Dr. Kelley, Antiwar Demonstrations, Patriot Act 2, Great Site!

Professor Marc Herold, Ph.D - A dossier on Civilian Victims of US Aerial Bombing of Afghanistan, Daily Counts, Scenes of Afghanistan - Anti-nuke and antiwar site, well organized, BEST list of links to ANTI-NUCLEAR SITES, News,
Peace Park info & news

Psychoanalysts for Peace and Justice - Member of 'United for Peace and Justice', perspectives, documents, resources,

Resistance Online - Australian antiwar site, Resistance Campaigns, Events, Aceh, Burma, Korea, Links

Saint Louis Instead of War Coalition - Good commentaries, News, Links, Photos, Calendar, Mailing List

Sean Penn - "Kilroy's Still Here" Good personal statement on the bogus War for oil, politics, by the famous actor, in PDF file - :l sgx#06/03 hip hop nowar, Good collection of Antiwar Links, Music, Wallpapers, Signs, MP3 Antiwar Downloads

Shutting Down War Profiteer Bechtel - Photos & info on Bechtel Corp. & mass non-violent direct action to stop the war machine

Sign Project: No Iraq War - Organization that produces & distributes Media to support activist campaigns, CD's, Videos, Yard Signs

Soldiers for the Truth - Defensewatch Magazine, Colonel Hackworth, Military Columnists discuss why
Iraq war is a useless hoax

Sound Nonviolent Opponents of War - SNOW, Over 104 member organizations, Neighborhood Groups, Activism, Flyers, Seattle Group, Links

Stand Up - Produced & aired a commercial for Peace, Streaming Video of the commercial, sign the list

stopsleeping - Very good site, lots of essays, Daily updated breaking news links, photos, Public Debt facts

stop the war - Good Flash Intro, Greek site also in English, Vote Results, Messages, Links
Stop the War (UK) - Very good antiwar site from the UK, Has the BEST Global Antiwar Links list, Graphic photos of Iraqi Children, Victims

Taking Aim - Audio Archives, Exposing the capitalist system addicted to permanent war, Fake Terror, Oil Money Wars, History of Zionism

The 100 Year March - Articles, Letters, Petitions, Links, Plans to publish info on elected officials' voting records, Good antiwar site

The Debate - "Did oil or money influence plans for war with Iraq and Afghanistan, Good small site, Sign the Petition

The Education for Peace in Iraq - EPIC, Working to improve humanitarian conditions & human rights in Iraq, Activism, Campaigns

The Iraq Page - Remembering Those who Lost their Lives in the Iraq War 2003, DOD Press Releases, List of War Dead, Updated & Accurate

The Iraq War Reader - Updated often, good commentary on news items relating to Iraq, Book by same name is available

The Oil Coup: Bush's Master Oil Plan? - Detailed research into the reasons for going after
Iraq Oil fields, Article Links

Trouble Tickets - Good antiwar site, Narratives, Blogs, Forums, An Activist Web Project, Excellent Links List, Many Progressive Links - Very good site from the UK, antiwar info, Updated News Articles, Resources, Links

United for Peace and Justice - Good antiwar activism site, Calls to Action, Press Room, Calendar of Upcoming Events, News, Links

US Crusade - Many Links to Articles, Antiwar, Books, Headlines, Editorials, Archives, 9-11 Info, Afghanistan, Iraq, Links

Veterans Against the Iraq War - Coalition of Veterans opposing the Iraq War, Action Page, Chickenhawk Database, Message Board

Veterans for Common Sense - Common Sense from military veterans in debates over war & national security, News Articles, Mailing List

Veterans for Peace - Organization dedicated to the abolishment of war, Non-violence for Peace & Justice, Calendar, Links

Vets for Justice - Working to correct injustices towards US Military, Retirees & Veterans, Hall of Shame, Petition, Links

Victorian Peace Network - Iraq for the Iraqis: End the Occupation, Antiwar group from Australia, Posters, Downloads, Action

Vietnam Veterans Against The War - Struggling for the rights & needs of veterans, Against the Iraq War, For peace & justice, Links

Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Anti-Imperialist - Lots of commentaries, antiwar focus, good Links list,

Voices in the Wilderness - Good antiwar site, Calendar, Photos, Audio & Video files, Good articles & analysis, Links

War + Iraq Poster Exhibition - 15 pages of posters opposing the Iraq invasion, Links to like minded sites

War On Iraq - Lots of good antiwar links, Articles by William Rivers Pitt, Protests & Rallies, T-Shirt Art & Posters, News, Activism

War Report - News updated daily, Iraq, Afghanistan, Many News Stories, by the Project on Defense Alternatives, Documents & Resources

War Tax Resistance - From War Resisters' League, US Military Spending facts, How to Resist, Resources, Organizations, Links

War Times - Compiling information & analysis for the peace & justice movement, Downloadable Flyers & Issues, Links to Resources

Wasted Irony - Good small site, Several very good essays, like Messy Details that led to War, Creator of

Web Tracks - For human rights, compassion, and peace, Daily updated Top News Stories from AP, writers & poets, many links

We Deserve the Truth - Good small site, "When the nation goes to war, the people deserve the truth", Smirk war lies dissected

Who Dies for Bush Lies? - Good antiwar site, Posters to download, Cartoons, Talking Points, Activist Toolkits, The Lies Revealed

Why War? - Antiwar site, Updated News & Analysis, Projects, Pamphlets, Activist Resources, Opinion & Commentary, Non-violent activism

Win Without War - America's wealthiest & largest peace coalition, current actions, Press Room (News)

World Peace Pages - From Cambridge, UK, Good summary and links to 9-11 attacks, how the world views the US & why, Links

Yes! Magazine Online - Good positive publication, very intelligent articles by the Editor & others, read 'Finding Courage'

Active Resistance to the Roots of War / Justice not Vengeance - Nonviolent direct action group opposing the Gulf War. Includes anti-war documents and news; describes core principles and activities.

Alternet: War on Iraq - Includes editorials on recent developments in Iraq as well as analysis of the road leading to war.

American Friends Service Committee: Conflict with Iraq - Reasons to oppose war with Iraq, resources, news, links, and ways to help.

Americas Against Bombing - Conservative/Libertarian coalition who are opposed to the bombing of Iraq and feel that U.S foreign policy is hypocritical.

Another Poster for Peace - Group of designers who are committed to the peaceful and just resolution of the situation by offering their copyright-free art to the public. Includes ideas for using the art and a mailing list.

The Anti-War Tribune - Promotes anti-war activities. Includes links to international news and pro-peace organizations. - Includes a daily index of the latest breaking news from a variety of media on the war in Iraq, as well as other conflicts. Iraq Info - News and links for activist organizations and resources.

Arizona Alliance for Peaceful Justice (AAPJ) - Coalition of concerned individuals and organizations working toward peaceful and just solutions to terrorism and violence. Features calendar of events and links to related sites and e-groups.

Austin Pax - Lists Austin, Texas businesses that promote peace and those that support the war.

Barcelona Against War - A collection of pictures documenting the Barcelonan opposition against war.

Bring Them Home Now Tour - A group of military families woth loved ones in present and past wars seek to end the war in Iraq and are holding 3 bus tours from Texas to Washington DC.

Buy French Now - Offers consumers a way to counter boycott efforts by pro-war forces and display appreciation for the French government's insistence.

Call to Conscience - Appeal to active duty troops and reservists by war veterans. Includes list of veteran signatories, resources, contact

addresses of speakers, translations of the call, and comments by users.

Campus Anti-War Network - Network of campus anti-war groups in the


Cities for Peace - Effort to get city councils and other civic bodies to pass resolutions against a war on Iraq. Includes sample resolutions, activist toolkit, and action alerts.

Direct Action to Stop the War - Includes how to get involved, calendar of events, flyers, and a handbook for citizens.

Do You Care? - Anti-war, pro-soldier website announcing future gatherings in support of our soldiers. Includes speeches, photos, and news coverage.

The Education for Peace in Iraq Center - News and events, resources on Iraq, "Advocates' Toolbox", and other resources for people wishing to take action against a war in Iraq.

The Fire This Time - Collaborative audio project aiming to be a "permanent record of the fate of Iraq and a guide to the language of mass media propaganda".

Global Exchange: Iraq Campaign - Includes an activist toolkit, how to get involved, news, and resources.

Gloucestershire Weapons Inspectors - Group who aim to eliminate weapons of mass destruction from Gloucestershire, UK. Includes action reports, news items, information about RAF Fairford, and links.

Gold Star Families For Peace - An organization of families who lost loved ones fighting in Iraq, who seek to have a speedy withdrawal of US military troops and have President Bush explain what "noble cause" they are alledgedly fighting for.

Guardian: The Anti-War Movement - Ongoing coverage, commentary and links for related resources.

Iraq Action Coalition - Resource center for groups and activists who are working to end the war against the people of Iraq. Includes fact sheets, ideas for action, and media coverage.

Iraq Crisis Antiwar Homepage - Overview and analysis of US and Iraq relations, with link to peace pledge to stop the spread of the war to Iraq.

Iraq Occupation and Resistance Report - Information on the US occupation of Iraq and the burgeoning resitance to that occupation.

Iraq Occupation Focus - A UK group campaigning to end the occupation of Iraq by coalition troops through action and media work.

Iraqi Democrats Against Occupation - Campaigns for solidarity with the Iraqi people. Opposes the Anglo-American military occupation of Iraq.

The Irish Anti-War Movement - Includes information about demonstrations and Iraqi sanctions, posters, flyers, factsheets, and discussion forum.

Libertarians for Peace - Libertarians committed to ending to United States military intervention and imperialism which benefits powerful government and corporate special interests at the expense of Americans and of peoples worldwide.

Military Families Speak Out - An organization of people opposed to war in Iraq and who have relatives or loved ones in the military. Gives rejoinder to knee-jerk attacks that anyone opposing the war is unpatriotic, and seeks to avoid US troops dying for Bush's policies.

Move On - Offers information on the anti-war movement and resources for activists.

Network Opposing War and Racism (NOWAR), SA - Collective of organizations and individuals opposed to Australia's involvement in a war on Iraq. Includes songs, articles, event details, merchandise, and press releases.

No to War Against Iraq - Features books, websites, articles and satire in English and Danish.

No War On Iraq - The International Socialist Organization offers advice on building anti-war committees, a petition for download, and an activist calendar. Includes news, analysis, and links for related sites.

Occupation Watch - International coalition of peace and justice groups monitoring the occupation of Iraq. Reports, press releases, and calls to action.

Our World Our Say - British group aiming to put pressure on the Blair government by allowing people to "vote" against war. Includes an overview of the organisation and explains how to support it.

The Peace Pretzel - Counterpropaganda for the People - Peace, freedom of speech, and anti-Bush administration graphics offered for free.

Peaceful Tomorrows - An advocacy organization founded by family members of September Eleventh victims. Its mission is to seek effective nonviolent responses to terrorism, and identify a commonality with all people similarly affected by violence throughout the world.

Pitstop Ploughshares - Five Catholic worker activists to face trial after disarming a US warplane at Shannon Airport, Ireland.

Poets Against the War - Provides a venue for poets to voice their conscience against impending war. Index of poems, searchable schedule of readings, chapbook, resources for organizing readings, and press coverage.

Remind Us ... Why Did We Invade Iraq? - Uses the Bush administration's own words to show they lied about the premise for war, and their guilt in the senseless deaths of American soldiers and Iraqi citizens.

Seattle Anti-War Protest Photos - Photo collection showing the protest rally in Seattle on February 15, 2003 by Sean Cafferky.

Shape Your World - Provides advice and resources for campus teach-ins. Includes contact addresses of student coordinators, promotional materials for download and a list of speakers.

Stop the War Coalition - UK anti-war organisation. Provides news, articles, mailing lists, calendar of peace events, photos, and resources for groups and individuals.

Talking Pictures - Photo gallery of images captured during the antiwar rallies held in San Francisco, CA 2003. Includes purchase information.

Target Oil - Organizes demonstrations for peace by exposing oil consumption as a source of the conflict. Includes action alerts, calendar of events, and a list of endorsing organizations.

United for Peace - News and events, ideas of ways to protest a war against Iraq, resources for organizations, and local and national contacts.

Victorian Peace Network: Iraq - Information on the Australian organization's anti-war campaign: posters and fact sheets, events details, news articles, and commentary on the issues.

Who Dies for Bush Lies? - Details the human cost of the somewhat controversial push for war and suggests methods of opposition.

Win Without War - Coalition of US organizations, advocating alternatives to war. Includes a list of member organizations, press releases, information on current actions and links for related sites.

Znet Anti-War Resources - Znet collects the best progressive content from the left, including regular pieces from the likes of Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky. Anti-War resources are collected in this section.