Monday, February 2, 2009

The Holocaust Victims Accuse

After you read the Story below you will understand why Zionists are not the sweet victims they pretend to be.

You will also understand why so many in the Jewish communities around the world say Zionists don't speak for them.

The history is very important to understand.
Zionists helped Hitler exterminate Jews.
Zionism was built on the death of their victims.

This is something everyone in the world should know.

These Zionist also want to attack Iran.
Which means killing more of their own as well as Arabs.
Seems their bloodthirsty nature has not changed.
They are as evil now as they were then if not more so.

When you are raised in a house of hate you learn to hate.
Zionists kill there own let there be no mistake about that one.
To read the history is to know. Read the Holocaust Victims story and you will understand.

The Holocaust Victims Accuse

Iran has the largest Jewish community in the Middle East after Israel
25,000 Jewish people live in Iran.

Iranian Jews protest against Israel