Saturday, September 20, 2008

Conyers Calls Out McCain Over Voter Suppression

House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers (D-MI) responded Friday to recent media reports on the plans of the Macomb County Republican Party Chairman and others to use lists of residents of foreclosed homes to block their participation at the ballot box -- a voter suppression tactic called by some a form of "vote caging." Conyers called on John McCain to direct his supporters to stop the practice.
The letter:
"The Republican Party has had a long record of blocking eligible voters from voting. In the past two Presidential elections, the country witnessed appalling efforts to limit voter participation in Ohio, Florida and throughout the country. It is beyond disgraceful that the Republican Party now seems to be targeting those who are suffering the most. It appears that individuals who can't recall how many houses they own don't understand how awful it is to lose your home to foreclosure, and don't know that you don't need to own property to vote in the United States of America. It should surprise no one that the people who gave us the worst economy since the Great Depression would now want to prevent those victimized by this economy from voting in the coming elections. Senator McCain needs to step forward now and halt the Republican Party's efforts to profit politically from the economic misery of others."

Republicans 'exploit mortgage crisis to disqualify Voters

The Obama campaign yesterday went to court to block what it alleged was an attempt by Republicans in Michigan to stop people who lost their homes in the mortgage crisis from voting in November's election.
Special “Vote Suppression/Disenfranchisement” edition:
This should not be tolerated by anyone in America. To often the Republicans have done this.


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