Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Hungry Planet

A Hungry Planet

The full special is available on our Latest Broadcast page starting at 10:00 p.m. EDT Wednesday. Full streaming video of this special will be available and archived on this web page on Thursday.

**Web exclusive** - More questions and answers about the food crisis from our experts available here.

Watch and comment on our question-and-answer with Minister of International Cooperation Bev Oda here

Find out more about our panellists.

Read the full list of questions about the food crisis that you, our viewers, posted to our website.

Listen to the CBC podcast of Sunday Edition, where Frances Moore Lappé was recently interviewed about the food crisis.

Play the Free Rice game, and for every word you get right, they donate rice!

The World Food Programme website has lots of useful information on this topic. To donate money to Myanmar cyclone victims, go here.

You can also donate via the Humanitarian Coalition.

Food Shortage
May 14, 2008 (Wednesday)
From what's causing the price and supply problems to how to fix them, we present a special program to answer your questions about the food crisis

1 billion Asians need help in food crisis: development chief

IN DEPTH: Rice riots and empty silos: Is the world running out of food?

High-level UN task force to tackle global food crisis

Soaring food costs threaten world's political stability: UN official


Keith Boag reports for CBC-TV (Runs: 3:24)

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Beating the Hunger Crisis

May 12th, 2008 at 4:21 pm | posted by ONE.Partners
There is more information at the site.

You signed ONE’s petition to President Bush about the global hunger crisis—137,000 of you did, in fact. Our nation’s leaders are hearing our voices. But this crisis is still in the news. People are still going hungry.

You can keep the pressure on by taking another next step.

Join ONE partner Bread for the World’s emergency online campaign, Recipe for Hope. For six weeks, from Mother’s Day through Father’s Day, you’ll receive an email with an Ingredient for Despair—more information on the causes of this crisis—and an Ingredient for Hope—specific actions you can take to help end it. Bread will tell you something you can do and something you can say to our nation’s leaders. Then we’re all doing our part to help hungry people around the world at this perilous time.