Friday, April 27, 2007

Mind Control

Mind Control is something that has been on the agenda for many years. People can be brainwashed to do just about anything. Detainees in the prisons Bush has set up are being brainwashed as well as tortured. Many of the same things used in the MKULTRA experiments are used on them. If you get into researching this, we as a population around the world are also being manipulated and controlled as well.

Could they create a suicide bomber? Yes they sure could. They can create assassins as well.

Would they do that? Well of course why wouldn't they? I imagine they have Mind Control mastered on many fronts. They certainly have spent enough time and money on it and it seems to me that many of the prisoners are exposed to the same methods used in MKULTRA and other mind control experiments. Sleep deprivation, loud music, food deprivation, isolation, electroshock, sexual assault. Dr Cameron used all of these methods on his victims as well as drugs. He experimented on Canadians as well as Americans. He experimented on children as well as adults.

Mark Phillips

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Ex CIA agent talks about the MKULTRA experiments and why the CIA was formed. Project Paper Clip and things we all should know about. The videos are extremely enlightening.

Mind Control and the Media
Now this is interesting!

This covers a few things about mind control and some of the things governments have and are still doing to control the Masses.


Mind Control Summary
The Secrets of Mind Control

The work of the mind control doctors did not occur in a vacuum. The importation of Nazi doctors to the US through secret programs like PAPERCLIP is part of the context. Mind control experimentation was not only tolerated by medical professionals, but published in psychiatric and medical journals. [24] The climate was permissive, supportive, and approving of mind control experimentation. BB 1

Dr. William Sweet [25] participated in both brain electrode implant experiments and the injection of uranium into medical patients at Harvard University. The 925-page Final Report. Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments [26] tells the story of radiation experiments, and their linkage to mind control. BB 1

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After reading and researching this I came to the conclusion the masses of people had been experimented on Via the Welfare system. Many of the techniques used in many of these experiments were used on welfare recipients. It may sound rather perposterous but it is true. I have seen many recipients who have been mentally coerced by the system. It caused enormous stress and lack of sleep, lack of food, total hopelessness and what was done was to turn them in to complacent victims and it did just that. Most suffered from extreme fear or rage. Many had mental breakdowns. Every letter you received was a form of a threat. They were also turned into slaves. Work for welfare is slavery. Do it or starve and become homeless. You had no choice. Desperation was on your door step each and every day. It was definitely a form of Brainwashing.